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Fave 3rd gen Pokemon

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Darth_paul, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Darth_paul

    Darth_paul Well-Known Member

    As nobody has posted this yet, I thought I would.

    So what is your fave pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire. I'm gonna say Aggron.

    EDIT: new rank!
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2006
  2. Weebos - Purveyor of Great Fun

    Weebos - Purveyor of Great Fun New Wave Bossa Nova

    From Ru/Sa?
    My favorite is definetly Gardevoir.
  3. Charizard86

    Charizard86 Charizard Champion

    Out of the new R/S/E pokemon my fave is......erm.....I guess its....Metagross.
  4. Random Ryuu

    Random Ryuu Guest

    my fav from R/S/E is latios
  5. Moonlight.

    Moonlight. Well-Known Member

    Gardevoir. Loved it ever since I first used it, and has been on every single one of my 3rd gen teams since then.
  6. Pottsie

    Pottsie I'm Back

    My favourite Pokémon from the Third Generation is ;277; Swellow.
  7. Captain Brain

    Captain Brain Well-Known Member

    Raquaza: A Dragon, not to mention powerful and capable of taking down other ubers. ;025;
  8. water types rule

    water types rule Well-Known Member

    I'd go with Rayquayza, although Kingdra is stilll my favorite.
  9. Snow

    Snow Orgey?

  10. Taruta the Blue Mage

    Taruta the Blue Mage Newtypes represent!

    I gotta go with Latios with his own personal technique
  11. AkariKanzaki

    AkariKanzaki Guest

    Skitty, because I love cats and cute things.
  12. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    mine is flygon cause he clobbers anything in my way even if i bump into a ice type one fire blast boom there gone.
  13. Chimecho3000

    Chimecho3000 Well-Known Member

    I like a lot of 3rd generation Pokemon, but my favorite is probably Chimecho.
  14. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    Zangoose. I love it's design, at its shiny's colors are really amazing.
  15. gligirl

    gligirl kugutsu no jutsu

    sableye, its type combo is ace and it looks so darn cool (shame about its stats though :( )
  16. MetalMario

    MetalMario < It's Passion Pink!

    It's a tough question, but I'll go with Lunatone. So mysterious...
  17. Arena Tycoon Slaking

    Arena Tycoon Slaking Well-Known Member

    Swampert, Saved my life So many times in the Factory And looks awesome :p
  18. Knuffy

    Knuffy the gift giver

    Because I am a fur, I have to say Poochyena and Mightyena. I love dog type pokemon.
  19. [AceAussie]

    [AceAussie] Awaiting October.

    Salamence it's simply so cool..
  20. Sir Devious

    Sir Devious Sir Devious

    Here is my fav. Pokemon list:


    Look in my siggy :)

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