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Fave Poke Trainer?

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Calm And Hyper
From the game or the TV show?

boLd NinJa{Koga's Son}

mhm...let's see..... koga? KOGA!!!! the only Poison Gym Leader/Elite Four, A cool Ninja, with cool Pokemon......


Lance, obviously.

His DRAGONS...so...so awesome...his skill...don't even wanna talk about how many times I beat him...

Yoru Ryu

Lance from all versions. God, i'm not writing my reasons down because i'll just get carried away. And who really reads em anyway?


I don't know!
Pyramid King Brandon. Dunno why.


Calm And Hyper
To be honest i like Richie best (and his nicknames lol)

Timid Kyogre

Endangered Creature
My favorite trainer has to be Lance, but the most powerful one is Gary (Yellow/Red/Blue Champion) I had to use thousands of potions and my Pokemon were lv.36-40 and his were like...60? But I didn't like what Gary chose, Lance is way better

~Timid Kyogre
*Points at Avatar and Sig* :D

Why, Whitney. The ONLY GYM Leader that could beat me consistently unless I went the Geodude way in GSC. I also freakin' love her personality. Dizzy, easygoing, girly, whiney and yet tough. She's quite misleading, which is awesome!

Not to mention her outfit is very cool, and she's got such a body. Best legs I've ever seen. And the rest too. I love her kinky hairdo, her happy expression, and her cute pink eyes. :D

I love Whitney in every form and way. She cries at the drop of a hat, but I find that cute! Plus, she rarely cries, for she's one of the best GYM Leaders ever. I even dream of her... =O

For those and more reasons, Whitney is my all time favorite Trainer! :)
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The great Lance!

Lance is my fav trainer because it's cool and dettached, his skills are great and I like his coat; also his hair is nice and punky, not to say his style to speak

+Chaos Blade+

Gary - he's the only trainer that is really diverse. He has a very well-balanced team - as stated in the episode, every single Pokémon of his are near perfect!
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