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Favorite 2nd Gen Fire Pokémon

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cyndaquil of course.He's probably my favorite starter


An Inside Joke
I have to say Typhlosion, but I feel a little silly, though, because everyone else appears to be choosing him. It just looks like I'm following everyone else, even though I'm actually not.
My favorite was Houndoom, mainly because of the fact that it was half dark type. Plus fire is another type that I'm familiar with when it comes to battling, so training wasn't a problem either.

Auberon TheFae

Nature's Breath
Entei was cool, and after it probably Cyndaquil then Quilava. They were all pretty good, even though they were all out classed by Suicune!(just ignore the last part)


The 90's
Houndoom. I like the Dex description. <and due to my inclination to the dark side.>


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I'll say something different.......Magby!!

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
They weren't that good but...

My vote goes to Quilava, can't think of any others worthy for my vote.


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Cyndaquil. Cutest and favorite starter ever. <3


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There are enough Second Gen Fire Types to count on one hand, and clearly almost everyone is going to pick Typhlosion, so I am going to shock and... pick Typhlosion.


Mighty Marvo
Typhlosion, Entei, Houndoom.., my favs. so many great fire types in 2nd gen, if only fourth gen would be as kind to such a great type.
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