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Favorite 4th Gen BGM?

What is your favorite music in the 4th Gen games? Please explain your choice(s) a little.

Mine was Solaceon Town's/Pastoria City's BGM, which sounded jazzy and cool. Jubilife City's night BGM had a jazzy feel as well, so I was fond of it, too. :p

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Sinnoh has my favorite music of any game. I'm particularly fond of the snow routes (216 in particular) and Jubilife. And let's be real, who could forget about the gamecorner.


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I really love the music in the Gen 4 games (both DPPt & HGSS). One of my all-time favourites is the Canalave City theme - I find it so beautiful and calming.


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Pretty much every piece of music in the Gen 4 games, I love. Especially in HG/SS, as Silver was my childhood favourite, and I love to hear their revamped tunes.

But Sinnoh has great music too. I especially like Oreburgh, Eterna, Veilstone, Canalave and Sunnyshore City's themes. Snowpoint's is beautiful-sounding, like a winter wonderland, which is what Snowpoint is.

And we can all agree that Cynthia's battle theme is the most intense Champion battle theme ever, right? (I'd second it only to Lance's.) ;)


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Gen 4 has the second best soundtrack out of all the Pokemon games (Gen5 forever) Here is my top 10
10. Team Galactic Admin Battle (DANGER,DANGER)
9. Pastoria City (very nice melody, the night theme sounds really peaceful)
8. Route 225 (great use of the Sinnoh soundfont)
7. Route 228 (jazzzzzzy)
6. Route 209 (happiest route theme ever, really represents the happiness of a pokemon journey)
5. Route 216 (very atmospheric and has a nice groove to it)
4. Twinleaf Town (one of the more peaceful starting town themes)
3. Giratina Battle Theme (ate my soul out of my body)
2. Jubilife City (it sounds like I'm in a big city at night, regardless of the time of day)
1. Gym Leader/Elite Four (bubanabubanaBUBANABUBANABUBANABUBANA.....BA....BA....BA....BA....BA.BA., BEST GYM LEADER THEME EVER)
lol sorry for the incessive caps. Let me know which of your favorites I left out and I will let you know what I think of them!
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I can't really crown one as my favourite, but here is a list of ones I like:
Route 209 - I have only felt so much adventure in a Route theme before with Route 10 in BW. Honestly, it feels like I'm about to go trekking up a Welsh mountain with that intro (and yes, I do know what climbing up a Welsh mountain is like).
Mt Coronet upper floors - speaking of mountains, is it just me or is Mt Coronet one of the most majestic themes in all of Pokemon?
Battle Trainer - this theme is pretty good to start off with, but then reach the midsection and it suddenly becomes intense, with the tension increasing by the second. It's just epic.
Battle Barry - that start feels so happy, and almost makes me feel hopeful. Considering it's the first battle theme I heard in Platinum, it made me feel like I was going on an adventure!
Sunnyshore city - so happy! Also it's the location of Volkner, who is probably my favourite Sinnoh leader. And for some reason Jasmine is there, and she happens to be my favourite Johto leader!
Every Galactic battle theme - the hype of the grunt theme, the intensity of the commander theme and the sheer intimidation of Cyrus's theme. All three of them are epic.
Battle Lake Trio - the first Sinnoh theme I heard, seeing as heard it in Omega Ruby which was my first game. Back before I knew what mirage islands were, I went in blind and was intimidated as f**k by the opening, before bopping along to the rest.

Edit: crap! I forgot my HGSS picks!ill just list a few for now.

Route 47/48 - tbh this route theme is SO underrated. It feels so epic, and as it's beside a cliff it makes it feel even more awesome!
Kanto Wild Battle - head-boppable. Need I say more?
Kanto Trainer Battle - same as above.
Battle Lance/Red - god this feels epic. Tbh I prefer seeing this as Lance's theme since he is Johto's champion, but it doesn't change how climactic, intense and awesome the theme itself is.
Battle Rival - it's a super intense theme for a super intense guy. I mean, I did kinda ruin the moment for myself by naming him lmpp as an abbreviation for lamepoop, but who cares? The battle theme is so cool!
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1. Gym Leader/Elite Four (bubanabubanaBUBANABUBANABUBANABUBANA.....BA....BA....BA....BA....BA.BA., BEST GYM LEADER THEME EVER)

I think Gen 4's Gym Leader battle theme (Sinnoh, not Johto/Kanto) is the simplest of all the Gym Leader battle themes - it doesn't change key or have any different tunes added to it, as with Gen 5's when the Gym Leader is down to their last Pokémon. It symbolizes what it's meant to be - a battle with the strongest Trainer in the Gym.


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The Sinnoh games have so many great music tracks! It's hard for me to pick a single favorite, so I'll just list the ones I really like...

  • Twinleaf Town (Night)
  • Sinnoh Route 201 - I just love how bubbly it sounds.
  • Sandgem Town
  • Sinnoh Wild Pokémon Battle Theme
  • Rival Battle Theme
  • Pokémon Center (Night) - Best arrangement of the Pokémon Center theme IMO
  • Floaroma Town - So relaxing.
  • Sinnoh Route 205 - This route theme makes me want to march.
  • Eterna Forest
  • Old Chateau
  • Eterna City
  • Sinnoh Route 206
  • Sinnoh Route 210
  • Sinnoh Route 225
  • Villa audio system music
  • Surf
  • Distortion World Theme
  • Cynthia Battle Theme
  • Ending Credits Theme
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I think Gen 4's Gym Leader battle theme (Sinnoh, not Johto/Kanto) is the simplest of all the Gym Leader battle themes - it doesn't change key or have any different tunes added to it, as with Gen 5's when the Gym Leader is down to their last Pokémon. It symbolizes what it's meant to be - a battle with the strongest Trainer in the Gym.

I agree with you 100%. But the intro of Sinnoh's gym battle theme is a foreshadowing of the battle of the strongest trainer in the gym. Plus the bass is pretty epic in that theme


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From D/P/P, my favorite is probably the Giratina Battle theme. I like when legendaries have unique battle themes, and this was incredibly well done. It is powerful and suits Giratina very well. I'm also a big fan of the Distortion World music, it feels calm and relaxing which is oddly suiting for such a weird place. Then I'm a huge fan of the Sunyshore City theme. I like the energy and melody in it. Some others I like from D/P/P are these: Route 201, Gym Leader Battle, Jubilife City, Canalave City, Pokemon League, Snowpoint City, Route 216/217, Route 225, Distortion World, Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf Battle, Credits, regular Trainer Battle Theme.

From HG/SS, my favorite is the Cinnabar Island theme. A relaxing remake of the original from the Kanto games, it feels perfect for a destroyed and devastated island. I often flew to Cinnabar just to listen to the music if I didn't have anything else to do in the games. I am also a big fan of the Ho-Oh Battle theme and Ecruteak City. Then there are others I like too, but these are my top favorites.


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I like Route 205 theme, because it is cheerful and upbeat, Galactic Grunt battle theme, because it is so intense, and Dialga/Palkia battle theme, because it sounds epic.
Other themes I like are: vs. Rival, Routes 201, 204, 206, 225, Eterna City, vs. Cynthia, and vs. Giratina.


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Route 209/212/222, hands down (I've always referred the BGM as "the route before Solaceon" in the past, haha). It's the only BGM that I fell in love with the moment I first heard it. Other soundtracks I love them too (Eterna City, Eterna Forest, National Park, Ecruteak Town, to name a few, and also a lot of the routes I can't remember the number), but they more kind of like grew on me as I visit the routes over and over again. Route 209, though, I liked it instantly the moment I got into that route. I guess it just makes me feel... lively,and refreshed. The only one other route that had the same effect on me was Route 26 (if I'm not mistaken), that route before the Indigo Plateau in HGSS.

Sooo yeah.

And we can all agree that Cynthia's battle theme is the most intense Champion battle theme ever, right? (I'd second it only to Lance's.) ;)

Oooh yes. I love Cynthia's theme. I think that's the only E4 Champion theme that I liked. Lance's old theme (from GSC) comes a close second, but I didn't really like the revamped one from HGSS.


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Canalave City and Sunyshore City immediately come to mind. There's just this soothing quality to them. Shout out to Battle Frontier's Brain's theme. That thing is dang catchy!

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My favourite music from D/P/Pt at the moment is Cynthia's theme when we talk to her at the Pokemon League before we challenge her cuz I like the piano sound hee hee. From Hg/Ss, I like the Ho-Oh battle theme the most cuz it sounds so intense like a Naruto anime theme song. ^^;


Barry's theme music when he would show up to battle us is one of my favorites from DP, and I'm also fond of Cyrus's battle music and the Team Galactic Admins' battle music too.


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I loved the BGM from Hearthome and Eterna Cities a lot. It sounded so serene, and I thought it suited the ancient atmosphere of the cities, especially Eterna City.


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Cythia's theme is easily my favorite of Gen4 and of all other Champs by far. But I also love the Chateau theme

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Cynthia's battle theme, because it sounds so classy, mythical, and elegant. It's probably my favorite Champion theme after Blue's.
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