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Favorite 4th Gen Starter Evo.

Favorite 4th generation starter final form

  • Enperuto

    Votes: 20 44.4%
  • Goukazaru

    Votes: 9 20.0%
  • Dotaitos

    Votes: 16 35.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-Known Member
What is your favorite final evolution of the starters in D/P? Choices: Goukazaru, Enperuto, Dotaitos. Goukazaru being the fire starter, Enperuto being water, and Dotaitos grass.

My choice is Enperuto. It's based off of my favorite animal, and I like the design and color scheme. The moveset is great aswell, and it's a special tank. What more could you want?


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ive always wanted there to be a penguin pokemon so im gonna go with that one lol


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Eneperuto. Its soo cute & water/steel type which makes it awesome!


A dog in heat.
They all look pretty whack but Im going to say the grass type. Doritos.

*Goes back to playing pokemon blue.


Coming Ta Town
Enperuto is cool with looks (so I voted for him) but I think Dotaitos is best for battling.

Jordan Cleary

Rising From The Ash
Off-topic: Doritos... it sounds like the crisps you get.

On-topic: Eneperuto, I like Pochama soo... and I like the colour scheme! Voted!!
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007 Dude

Paki Pride!
For Battles: Dotaitos since eathquake w/ quickclaw
(since he's the slowest) would KO both
Coolness: Enperuto a steel/water, blue, metal penguin! You have to love it
Vote: Enperuto


Well-Known Member
Enperuto. I love penguins.