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Favorite Ash gym battle in Kanto

Favorite Ash gym battle in Kanto

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Hi everyone! Since Ash's journeys is coming to an end, I thought to open a thread to vote our favorite Ash gym battles in Kanto.
Then, we could open other threads to vote our favorites gym battles in the other regions.
I hope you like this idea!

Pokegirl Fan~

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Charizard vs Magmar


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I voted Ash vs Misty.
I loved the interactions between them during the battle, also I loved the plot and the way Misty was revelead to be the gym leader together with her sisters. Staryu vs Butterfree was really great!
I liked so much the Blaine's battle too (the second one) because it's very well animated and the Brock's battle, since it was the first one and Pikachu vs Onix is iconic, no matter what.


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But let's be honest here,no one watches OS/Kanto for the battles they watch for the comedy/filler/COTDs.
It's almost true, since also some battles during Kanto arc are great; short battles often, but yet these type of battles, with one or two moves or only one attack, reflect natural fights between animals, or however, raw fights without special attacks or plot armors to make them more realistic.

Blood Red

Picking between Blaine and Surge was hard, but I think I prefer Pikachu vs Raichu for its thematic significance. Plus, the Blaine battle had 'Aim for the Horn'.

I still loved the hype behind Charizard actually obeying Ash for once though, and Charizard vs Magmar was sick.
Charizard vs Magmar was awesome. Second would be Pikachu vs Raichu because of the thematic meaning.
The rest suck.

Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter
While I think all of the Kanto gym battles are good in what they set out to do, I do quite like the 8th gym battle for subverting the established ways the previous 7 went, by playing it mostly straight.

Every gym battle up to that point either had a rematch attached, a TR interference, or both. But for the final gym, in front of his arch-rival no less, Ash proved he can play a battle completely by the book in one go, even while the other side is blatantly cheating. It's such a subdued reversal of how his gym battles had gone before, and that's what makes it work.


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Giovanni as one of the Kanto Gym leaders was interesting,he used pokemon that didn't follow a specific type and overpowered Gary's pokemon using Mewtwo.Giovanni is no longer the gym leader in Viridian City and Agatha was only a temporary replacement.Makes me wonder if that's the place where Paul was offered to become a gym leader.


Deluded Dreamer
There are literally only two good battles aka Surge and Blaine anyway lol
Others had some good story moments like Brock or Sabrina, but as battles....eh
Koga was too mid too

Between Surge and Blaine? Definitely Blaine. Charizard vs Magmar was cool