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Favorite Ash Ketchum regional ace

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Pikachu may be ash's partner but that doesn't mean he has all the spotlight the pokes that share that spotlight are his regional ace pokemon so who is your favorite ace?


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Infernape forever
Easily the best written Ash mon as it was the center focus of the best written and most engaging storyline in the entire anime, Ash's rivalry and development due to Paul!!
As much of a zard shill I am I agree with this


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
Strongest: Greninja
Weakest: Lycarnroc - love this Pokemon line, but he debuted in a region with weak trainers that barely battle


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Out of this list, Krookodile.

There was just something special about him whenever he entered the battle. It's like you could feel that a true monster had come out onto the arena. Like Ash was indicating to both his opponent, and the audience that playtime was over, and that we had better be ready.


[Dam]n h[er] Gan[dal]f!
* Charizard is the most iconic regional ace. He had the best character arc by far of any of Ash's Pokémon, and was responsible for Ash's own growth as a Trainer and person.

* As for Infernape, well:
Nothing will ever top this moment. Type: Wild transitioning into a final, silent staredown on that white background with subtle reverberating heartbeats. Epic even a dozen years later.


* Sceptile, of course, gave us this epic:

* Greninja showed us that Ash can compete against the Elite 4 and Champions, even win. Plus he had the coolest song in the anime:

* Lucario did this (as BS as it was that a recent Egg mom could pull this off):

* Honestly, the ace for BW and SM was....Pikachu. Krookodile didn't shine nearly as much, even if his sunglasses almost made up for it. I felt Lycanroc and Litten/Incineroar shared the spotlight in SM.

* Lycanroc had the best evolution. I absolutely loved this entire sequence:



Be a Good Experience
Infernape is my vote as well. I mentioned that Dawn was the best human character in the anime in terms of development but Infernape is the best Pokémon and overall character. Perfect storyline with an amazing payoff at the end with the anime's best battle even after all these years. Honorable mention to Incineroar who had a engaging storyline with a finale that's somewhat close to Infernape's with a iconic evolution and final stand. A big part of why it's my favorite Pokémon to this day (and Infernape is a big part of why it was my first amd former favorite). The only other ace that comes close is Sceptile.


Horizons is THAT show.
Probably Infernape since he had the best overall story arc. It was better than some humans but props to Krookodile for being cool, radical and awesome, being the first non starter ace with the awesome glasses


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Charizard > Sceptile > Infernape > Greninja > Lycanroc > Lucario > Krookodile for me

Charizard’s the one I associate with Ash the most. He’s the first pokemon (besides Pikachu) who’s respect he had to earn. It was essential for his development as a trainer, teaching Ash how to understand his pokemon, train them properly and even when to let them go. Still crazy how it 1v1’d a frontier brains ace and if Ash mega evolved it, it could be his strongest

Sceptile was really cool, both in personality and battles. It wasn’t OP but was able to defeat many stronger opponents than it. It showed strength isn’t everything but wasn’t a slouch there either. Leaf blade looks sick and watching it battle was one of the first reasons I checked out the anime

Infernape had the best story out of them. It was consistently good in all stages. But I didn’t grow up with it and outside of Paul/gym leaders its feats weren’t that special imo. Would’ve liked it to do better against Moltres too

Greninja is similar and was the most hype. It had the best fights overall. However it’s loss to Alain really soured it for me, bc that felt like it’s standout battle and it’s pretty unsatisfying for it to lose there. Still don’t know what they were thinking with that. I also find bond phenomenon kinda silly as a concept, at least compared to the other ones

Lycanroc’s adorable and had solid development. I like how balanced it was with the rest of the team, and how it wasn’t too overbearing. But it suffers from not having many good battles, it beat Gladion’s Lycanroc but that’s really it. Satisfying sure but not as impressive as the other ones

Lucario is kinda the opposite. Great feats but not much weight. I love the pokemon tho. Unfortunately it feels derivative from Greninja in particular, which is ironic bc it’s what they could’ve done from the start. Kinda sucks how mid JN battles can be animation wise, so it wasn’t even the best battle bot

Krookodile is great, gotta respect it. But BW didn’t give it any good rivals or anything. So while it had some cool fights, it’s not as good compared to the rest


I'm fond of Jukain [Sceptile] since I liked his seriousness and feats. I would've picked Lizardon [Charizard], but I haven't forgotten his disobedient phase, which lasted far too long from my viewpoint, and has soured my perception of him.