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Favorite Ash Ketchum regional ace

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Used to be Greninja but now it’s Charizard
Greninja is still my favorite after all this time, they're all good (especially Lucario) but I can't explain what Greninja evokes in me, he's so cool, powerful, he acts like a hero and the anime itself treats him like a Kalos Guardian Legend, and for me, Ash's second/third strongest pokemon.

I really liked his sensei role in Journeys, teaching some techniques to an immature and jealous Lucario, I like that the writers have a lot of respect for him, unfortunately this does not happen with Infernape that did badly against Moltres, with Sceptile that only served to attack the rocket team or Charizard who will be used as comic relief in the next episode.

That's why I consider that Greninja was the Ace that was best treated in all of JN contributing the greatest training of Lucario that catapulted it as the second / third best Pokémon of Ash (in terms of strength).

I don't care much about the Ash form since it is not cooler than Base "Aura" Greninja and Ash doesn't exist and shouldn't exist in canon games.

Also, the fact that Greninja feels like Ash's soul gives it a special feeling. I would like Misty to meet him, if she was impressed with Clauncher she would go crazy with the frog.


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As far as I see it it goes Charizard > Greninja > Sceptile > the others. I just wish Charizard had listened to Ash a lot sooner and that Sceptile hadn't lost to Brandon's Regirock the way that it did.


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I think each ace has something new to bring to a table that is amazing in every aspect:
Pikachu: first and his most trusty companion.
Charizard: really hard-working and wanting to prove himself.
Sceptile: has his own pace, doesn't let anyone insult his pride and work.
Infernape: really well-written and he turned fear into a power.
Krookodile: cool and collected with glasses which acts like a boss
Greninja: really strong bond with Ash to the point of 'transformation'
Incineroar: strong rivalry with Incineroar which pushes him to his max.
Lycanroc: his destructive habit was pinpointed and not spread which made him output same energy on single target
Lucario: his and Ash's Aura connects which makes him stronger and more powerful.

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I am surprised that there is both Incineroar and Lycanroc in the list because there can only be one true ace, at least I think so, I will skip Pikachu because it is known that it is Ash's first starter
People often choose such aces with which they started a given Pokemon series, of course, not everyone, however, nostalgia and first impression alone can do their thing, there is nothing wrong with that, it's the same with me and I'm going to present my picks
1 Charizard - I started this series with him, a strong ace faithful pokemon was constantly training for it, deserves more attention, it's a pity then he was forgotten by Ash, everyone remembers how he lost the league and then rehabilitated himself
2 Lycanroc - Kuki's Pokemon that won the pokemon league but lost to Thanos with a snap in Swoprds and Shields. Seriously though, I liked how he fought and didn't give up that was something, only why he's higher than Incineroar is the Alola league win
3. Incineroar - like the colleague above, he had a rival and fought with him, it's a pity that we weren't shown more of his skills, of course, after evolution and in a given series, not in the current one
4 Sceptile Like Charizard defeated the legendary pokemon, he is very strong and has strong moves, it's a shame that after Sinnoh we didn't see what he can do
5. Infernape - As I like fiery starters, this one had a similar story to Charmander and Tepig. He is strong and very powerful, but he lacked something like Charizard or Scepitl, but that does not mean that I consider him weak
6. Lucario - After the 8th Pokemon movie, who wanted this Pokemon for Ash's pokemon ? Infernape and Greninija then kicked him out of the squad because it was necessary to promote a given generation. He is a perfect match for Ash and Riolu's character was like the Ash of the first generation
7. Greninja - Similar to Sceptile, but with the trait of Ash's woods, which means they don't like to lose. Honestly, his design repels me because the wrapped tongue looks a bit ugly but the appearance doesn't matter and what kind of Pokemon it is. And it is shown here that Kalos was the only one of the entire team to do something. too bad Ash let him go
8. Krookodile - It's hard to call him an ace, he's strong but that's it, although since he was Sandlie I wanted him to go to Ash


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I like Charizard as much as the next guy but he sucked as a regional ace in OS because he didn't listen to Ash for half the saga and then even when he did he was left for training and only made sporadic appearances. Sure he was strong but we barely got to know him.

So I'd rather go with Infernape. His character arc was great and led to some really good interactions between Ash and Paul.


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Greninja never existed in canon I fear, they shoved him down our throats only to make him become a gardener and cut roots at the end of the serie.

But I'm not surprised, XY/XYZ was bullsh*it.
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Two Blue Vortex
1. Charizard
2. Sceptile
3. Infernape
4. Combustible Frog
5. Incineroar
6. Lycanroc
7. Lucario
8. Krookodile