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Favorite Bird in Johto/Kanto


I'm magical
I like Zapdos. Mainly because other than Emolga and Thunderus, its the only Electric/Flying out there.

Sapphire Dragon

A Silver soul.
Favorite Kanto bird: Articuno. The first Pokemon I ever got past the 90's in any game and currently is at lv 95, seconded only by my lv 100 Latias, Kyogre, and Rayquaza (all of who I used rare candies on at the end).

Favorite Johto bird: Lugia, by far. He's my favorite Pokemon of all time, so yeah. XD


Legendary: Articuno,I love it's design and the fact that it's just ice type!

Non-Legendary: Pidgeot(spelling fail?),I just love it.


Well-Known Member
Togetic (or Togekiss, considering this is the 4th Gen discussion). But for my current run through I'm only using him as a Flyer. If not, he would make a great tank.

empoleon mike

Magma Leader Maxie
NOCTOWL. He is an owl and owls are cool :D plus he knows psychic moves without being weak to dark types and can learn sky attack


Casual Trainer
I like Pidgeot as you get a Pidgey right off the start and it is a fairly good Pokemon to have in your team throughout the game.

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
Probably Ho-oh since it just looks really cool :)


Terrakion Lord
Considering just the legends, Articuno, but for overall, Crobat. Articuno looks nice and has great color both normal and shiny. Crobat is one of the best poison types and has a pretty cool sprite. Too bad it's basic form is so annoying.


Dragon Master.
Zapdos :3

mainly for the same reason as you have,
no x4 weaknes type :)


Forever now
I like Crobat although it's not really a bird. I also like Hoothoot, Lugia n Murkrow.

If you are asking which of the legendary bird trio is my favorite then I would say it is Articuno all the way. Articuno happens to be one of my favorite Pokemon of all time too