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Favorite boy and girl


Pokemon Researcher
Probably already done, but I'm new here, and curious to see what people like.
So tell who is your favorite boy and girl from the manga and say why

Mine are:
Girl-Hikari, she is so sweet and hot

Boy-Gary- If I could be anything in the Pokemon world, it would also be a reasercher, and his hair and voice is awesome


Coming Ta Town
Girl- Misty. She's got attitude.

Boy- Brock. you just gotta love his personality.


Flip me to the side!
Boy- James, that was my favorite male character since Kanto. Along with Ash and Brock, later Harley was cool too.

Girl- May, she was a great character, that was very important for the anime in Hoenn and battle frontier.


Ahh, true love ^_^
I'm assuming you mean the anime? If so then-

Guy=James. Well, you can probably guess why I like him so much. Maybe. Right? Well, there's a lot of reasons why actually. Let's just leave it at I like him :D

Girl=Misty. She was always so cool, and I love her relationship with Ash. And Togepi? Too cute ^_^

Korobooshi Kojiro

Guy: Sullivan, A FISHING LEGEND!

The best filler character ever. Don't give me no Giselle or Samurai, plz!

Girl: Jessie, a girl with class and who thinking is pretty is slightly less creepy.


Izit cuz I is black?
My choices for both would be Jessie and James. They have great backstories which the other characters lack, and their personalities and interaction with the other characters have never gotten tiring- there's always new developments in their characters.