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Favorite Bug Pokemon in Unova?

Favorite Unova bug type?

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God, I love Leavanny. Sure, it's typing is awkward but it has a good movepool and great design. That goes for Sewaddle and Swadloon as well.


Volcarona, he's badass. <3
Volcarona gets my vote. It looks cool, has great stats, a solid movepool, and is a breeder's best friend. I also happen to like Galvantula which is a close second in my book.


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Galvantula is my favorite one. Scolipede, Volcarona and Durant are cool too, so I think that Gen V has been good for bug types.


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I'm totally in love both with Escavalier and Leavanny <3 Volcarona is also *starting* to grow a bit on me.

Don't care much about the others, and Genesect is downright ugly :p


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Unova almost redefined the bug-type, for the better. Volcarona, Leavanny, Garvantula, Genesect for crying out loud! There were some great additions to the bug family in this generation.

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I find Volcarona and (shiny) Scolipede to be quite attractive, and they're both powerful as well. The Sewaddle line is also starting to grow on me.


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Galvantula hands down.

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Energy Ball
Bug Buzz

I also like Durant. Scolipede's not bad either. I like Accelgor's design, but that's about as far as it goes.
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Galvantula is one of my personal favorites, but Volcarona is cool too. Personally, I think the first two of the Venipede line are adorable and the last is cool, so they are up there on my list too.


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I only really like Scolipede. Joltik, Galvantula and Volcarona are okay I guess. The rest I don't really like.

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Volcarona, but besides them, probably Galvantula. Scolipede, Accelgor, and Durant are also good (and Genesect of course).

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Volcarona hands down. Especially the fact that it's a bug and fire type, and can use flying type moves for some reason.
Leavanny is a close second because Ash has one in the anime, and it is currently left poisoned in the latest english episode of Pokemon. Wondering what will happen to it....(Don't ruin it for me please >.>)


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Volcarona baby!! Probably the first real bug type I felt like I had to have.....besides Heracross
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