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Favorite Character Poll V2


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Talk about your favorite characters here. Remember to have at least 2-3 sentences for why you like x-character (this is your warning - posts lists or anything, you will be infracted 3 points for spam), and to follow the main forum and anime disc/poll rules.

From the last thread:

Marina - The HBIC of Pokemon Contests, THE Top Coordinator. She is flawless. I love this girl way too much. It's too bad we've only gotten cameos since the LoT Special. I hope she appears sometime in the future. :'[

Dawn - She works hard for what she wants, which is what drew me to her and her storyline. Plus, she's girly and cute, and fierce when she's participating in Contests. Can't help but love her.

Team Galactic - Haha, I love all of them. They're pretty much the only "villainous" characters in Pokemon that I've ever enjoyed/liked. Mars is jailbait, Jupiter is gorgeous, Saturn is cool, and Cyrus is well...Cyrus. :V

Some characters used to be my favorite, or were up there, but they aren't so much anymore. Maybe I'll update this list later or something, who knows.


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Ash:Main Character. Sometimes hardeaded and getting angry too easly(unlike his firends), but I still like him especially in comical moments...
Brock:He has great personallity. I like him. His flirting with girls sometimes can be boring, but OK...
Paul:One of my favourite rivals, if he isn't my favourite. He is really interesting guy, I like his negative personallity...
J:She's cool. I like her personallity soo much and there is a female villian(there are too much male ones, that's thrue)...
Ursula:Fictional characters with personallity like her are usually fun to watch for me...
Barry:Another character with great personallity. He's just funny.
Cyrus:My favourite Regional Evil Team boss. I liked him in episodes Loosing it's Lustrous and Double Team Turnower. He is cool, but he knows to be funny, too...


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Misty: The HBIC of Water Pokemon. She's just pure awesome. She's smart, pretty, and cares about her friends. She had to overcome so many obstacles to get where she is now, like how she was always considered the least prettiest, when to me she is the most of her sisters. Episodes with her always put a smile on my face. Love her or not, she is a Legend in this anime, let alone others.

May: Although she barely lost in contests which some might call unrealistic, her performances always made me believe she deserved her wins. I love how she's a good person with a good heart and just wants to do well. The fact that she's come so far makes me full of joy. May, you can win the Johto GF. Go for it!

Dawn: This girl is absolutely amazing. She's cute, loving, very smart, and has worked her pink skirt off to get where she is today. Although she had loads of OVER confidence in the beginning, she's grown into a performer that I love watching. Dawn is a true sweetheart. Her team is highly criticized, but I can't help but love them all, including Piplup! :)

Jimmy: Although he only got a limited amount of episodes, I loved how him and his Typhlosion work as a team. He's strategic and is morally a good person. He also shows to have respect for his fellow females, such as Marina, hope to see him again.

Marina: Soul HAS NOTHING ON THIS CHICK. As said earlier she is the HBIC of Pokemon contests and not only that of good looks as well. All of my days of loving the Totodile family and feeling Misty was robbed in the Totodile Duel, the fact that they gave her a Totodile and evolved it all the way, is pure epic awesomeness. Her team, as well as Misdreavous and Jigglypuff, is adorable, yet very successful. Hope we see more of her in the future.

Ash: Kicks butt, knows what he wants, and although he may make boneheaded mistakes, he's morally a good person. His good actions and ability to think on his feet is what has kept me watching through all these years. This dude will become one of the best, mark my words.

Brock: Dull.....um no. His storyline may not be the biggest, but this man knows what he's talking about. His love and attempt for the ladies makes me laugh, and although he may not be so successful, he will one day. Good person, keeps it real, and always makes me smile.

Drew: Owns in Contests. A true Gentleman. His pokemon not only worked their pokebutts off, but are just full of awesomeness. I love how he works hard to be the greatest, one of the best rivals we've ever seen.

Harley: This dude, just FUNNY AS HELL. He may be vindictive in his ways, but he has got to be one of the best characters Pokemon has ever had. His Pokemon BTW, always pull of a entertaining, yet frightening performance. They are very lovable.

Zoey: They say she only uses Glameow...eh, she might, but her and Glameow's bond is inseperable. It's not like we'll never see her other Pokemon. Her team as a whole was put together pretty nicely. She's a hard worker, and has not only showed that she works hard, yet is full of imperfections, but she is always a great friend. I know whenever she performs, it's always entertaining.

Kenny: His little crush on Dee Dee is the cuttest. Him and Prinplup's relationship might annoy some, but it makes me happy. It shows how strong a Trainer and a Starter's relationship can be. He's shown he's not a master at contests yet, but he works hard for his ribbons and never quits.

Soledad: Awesome Pokemon, Awesome Hair, Awesome Personality. The fact that the writers made her an official rival of May's and had her travel to Johto, made me so happy. It not only shows that she wants to get better at her craft, but she's still hungry and won't settle for just one Ribbon Cup.

Gary: This dude has come a long way. His rivalry with Ash, his researching. Although Paul's storyline is handled better, Gary is a classic and to me will ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN PAUL, even if Paul ever were to beat him in the future.

Jessie: This chick is BAD. LIKE MJ BAD! She may be dramatic at times but that's apart of her work. She knows what she wants and isn't a pushover. Her love for snakes and all her pokemon in general makes me love her more. She has not had it easy, and whether she makes it into the GF or not, I'm still proud. She's also very pretty and sexy to me.

Cynthia: Commands the battle field, shows uniqueness, loves foods, and has a huge heart. She can do no wrong, IMO. She will I believe stop Team Galactic and continue to rock her Title! Get it Cynthia, oh wait you've already gotten it.

Prima: Best Elite Four Member by far. Her calm personality and her ability to pull of a battle like no one's ever seen. She's one of the baddest babes we've seen in all anime, and her Pokemon team as a collection and on a strength level is insane. I hope to see her again cause she is a Legend and a Queen in Pokemon, let alone Elite Four Members.
As everyone pretty much knows very clearly ..my obsession still lies within Haruka. I will never get over that chick, no matter how much my love dies down for her. She will still always be known as my favorite. :]

But May/Haruka. WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHY I LOVE HER. lololol. But let's see. I stopped watching Pokemon during Johto ..and in 2006 for some reason I started watching Pokemon again (I think it was actually the Chronicles I started seeing, and then wanting to watch Pokemon again, so yeah.) And AG was on, and I knew who Haruka was. I've seen her while browsing through channels ..but I was never into Pokemon at that time. But after I watched a few episodes every day ..I automatically grew to love that girl. Her personality, and everything was just amazing. People tend to say she's mad annoying because of how whiny and **** she is. But that's one of the many reasons why I like her so much. She's a 10 year old girl, traveling. Of course she's going to be lazy and "awhahaha, when are we getting there?!!" It's adorable. Plus she's so sweet and has probably the best Pokemon team out of any character on the show. And she introduced contests to the show ..and we finally had a female co-star, other than Satoshi doing gym battles. We actually got to see a girl, other than traveling, do things, and trying to become a top coordinator. It's pretty sweet.
And the fact that she got so much character development. She's a totally different character now. It's so weird watching the first episodes of AG, seeing how lazy, whiny, irritated and immature she was. And then seeing her at the end of AG and her appearance in the Wallace Cup ...she was the mature and confident one, who helped Hikari.

But yeah. PEOPLE GET IT. Haruka is my forever loveeee.

Other than her.
Team Galactic. I liked and watched D/P in the beginning, but then I got bored of the series, because I really didn't care for Hikari ..and the others, and I just stopped watching again. But in 2009, I got the game Platinum, and I was like "THESE SPACE PEOPLE ARE SEXY. Why didn't I ever pay attention to them before?!" Later finding out that they also made appearances in the show ..so I was like "ANIME GINGA DAN?! HELL YEAH." And the obsession kept growing. I love every one of these guys ..even the grunts are freaking adorable. I'd say Mars is my favorite, since she's such a little whiny evil, but adorable brat. But I like Saturn, because IDUNNO ..maybe he looks like a fricken kittycat? and ..you know me with cats, yeah. But he's pretty chill and sexy in his tight suit. And Jupiter. She's hot. I love how she seems much more older and mature than the other two commanders. She just seems like she'd just keep to herself, like a *****, while the other two argue and fool around like little children. hehe. And Akagi/Cyrus. I was so shocked when I found out he was only 27. WTF. I was thinking he was like almost in his 50's or something. That dude looks old. He's sexy, but mad stressed and oldened out, aha.
But there you go. my new obsessions.

I've always had a weird thing with this girl. I could never figure out if I liked or or hated her. At the beginning of D/P (the Japanese version at least), I loved her. Her personality, and I've always adored her look. Once the dub came out, her voice irked me so bad, and she turned into an annoyance to me. But after a while ..I warmed up to her again ...and then ..something made me dislike her again.
But again, when I got back into D/P in 2009 and watched the anime again ..I did grow to like her quite a bit. I like how she's more of a female version of Satoshi ..but not really. Her stubborness. The way she acts more childish than the other two girls. She's adorable. I love her determination. And the episodes that revolve around her are pretty entertaining.
So I guess you can say I've grown to like this girl through bumps in the middle. (i don't even know if that made sense, but whatever, aha.)

! Best rival ever IMO. He's so gay. So amazing. Haruka did definitely have the best rivals in the show. Everytime this guy popped up in an episode, I'd laugh. Everything he did, said, the way he walked and shaked his *** ..I would laugh. He's definitely one of the most funny-type characters in the anime. Just for the lulz. I love how evil and devious he was too. The way he hated this cute 10 year old girl, for having known this girl in school that looked like her, take his last bit of food. I just find it hilarious how much time he'd spend on trying to ruin the little girl's life. Such an ***. An amazing ***, but you get it.

And ah. that's all for now I guess. If not, I'm going to go on and on and on because I'm addied out like a freak atm. I'll look so lame D: . I'll update if anything changes. :x


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Professor Westwood - Not to be confused with Westwood I, Westwood II, Westwood III, Westwood IV, or Westwood V...oh wait, that's him. Everyone raves over such Kanto COTDs as Samurai, A.J., and Seymour, but honestly, those guys bored the hell out of me. Professor Westwood was undoubtedly the most hysterical character of the Kanto saga, being a quirky loose cannon of a professor who one could hardly believe is in the same profession as Orchid. His episode is still hilarious enough without him, but the whole Psyduck/Slowpoke fiasco is merely a wacky setting for such a wacky character.

Old Man Shuckle - I don't care if he was a totally worthless character in a worthless episode in a worthless season in a worthless saga. He is a freaking god among filler characters. Senile old mean are generally very entertaining in this series (see Professor Westwood, Fishing Master, giant Claydol geezer), but while the rest of them are just kooks, Old Man Shuckle's status as a drug dealer encourages kids to blank their mind of all those idiotic PSA's they got in elementary school. I, for one, am so happy that the writers decided to set our youth straight.

Harley - Greatest rival, bar none. Sure, Shinji is a prick, but he's mainly self-centered. Harley, on the other hand, was a true evil bastard, but a hilarious one. His obsession with knocking Haruka down a peg was an absolute riot given not only the extremes he would go to, but how it started out with such an insignificant matter as not absolutely gushing over all the fruity time he spent baking cookies. He's also easily the best cosplayer in the Pokemon universe, with some hilarious speech quirks ("Harley very question!") and an awesome cast of creepy, kinky Pokemon. For years I would deny claims that Pokemon is gay, but after seeing Harley, I finally conceded. By sticking his butt squarely in the camera and dressing up as Haruka as his freaking Grande Festibol appeal, Harley solidifies himself as a classic.

Hunter J - Hey look, a villain that is actually villainous! Make no mistake, Hunter J is the Pokemon anime's Grim Reaper. She wreaks havoc everywhere she appears, has no concern for any lives at stake, and the size of her heart shrinks three times every day. From outright attacking trainers to leaving her own henchmen to die to having Drapion nearly choke Satoshi to death to intentionally burning down an entire forest to basically killing Jindai and leaving him there, J is a totally relentless villain that the writers would never have the guts to throw into any prior saga. And that's not even counting the entire concept of stealing Pokemon to sell on the black market. She has never been watered down once since her debut, and while Akagi could potentially give her a run for her money depending on how Galacticlypse goes down, she is undoubtedly the fiercest long-term villain in the series.

Suzuna - Everyone knows why I love Suzuna. In the games, she's a skimpy-dressed ice trainer who risks wearing a six-inch skirt in Siberian winter just to prove she's a skank. But in the anime, she's a lesbian skimpy-dressed ice trainer who risks wearing a six-inch skirt in Siberian winter just to prove she's a skank. The Ice Type in general is one of my favorite types, and her design in general with the magical levitating braids, the cute ribbon and earmuffs, and the aforementioned lack of upper leg protection make her the sexiest gym leader this side of Mt. Coronet (holy hell, that was cheesy). Her anime depiction was fantastic, in which she had an intriguing secondary career and a past with a character I had come to loathe but began to love. And trust me, there's a lot of love going on between her and Nozomi.
A place I can get into my 'fangirl-mode.' Awesome.d:

Shuu/Drew: Always will be my number-one character as long as I like Pokemon. Reasons?...too many but I'll try to cut it down.

Of course I'd have to say 'looks' as number one, with his shiny, green hair (hair flick, anyone?) and purdy eyes (XD) he sticks out more than other characters. My second reason would be his attitude. Yes, he is a jerk and that is what makes him cool, he's not like 95% of the character population who's all about friendship, happiness, etc. so it's good to have him on the show. Also, as seen in some rare moments, we know he's not Mr. Tough Guy all the time (not to mention he can manage to carry around a Roselia, Masquerain, Butterfree without losing that 'Tough Guy' image). Third reason, Contestshipping. The bickering and taunting he provokes makes the ship that much better. So many, many reasons...but what can I say? I'm a fangirl and even I question myself if I'm a little too obsessive.

Oh, and he can catch frisbees with his eyes closed. Helpful skill. x)

Kojiro/James: He's so dumb and lovable, along with the obsession over bottle caps and the cross-dressing, he makes one awesome character. He's also sensitive and just down right funny and makes the show funnier.

Haruka/May: I like Haruka because she had a unique personality and seemed to act like how most girls would act (or at least how I would) when they first began their journey: whiny, annoying, clingy, etc. but as the show progressed she proved to be a terrific coordinator and was finding out more about herself and how she might be able to improve herself (The writers handled her wonderfully and good character development is always a plus). Contestshipping as another reason, of course, and I just generally enjoyed watching her battles/appeals in contests. I was upset when she left the show.

Saori/Solidad: Even though she was more like a CoTD for only appearing in the KGF (I don't really think a cameo during the Wallace cup counts...) I can't help but list her as one of my favorite characters. She was interesting because she knew many things about other people such as being close friends with both Shuu and Harley and knowing many things about them. In some ways, Saori seemed like a female-version of Brock because she was mature and was like an older sister figure. Saori was powerful and it is pretty nice for May to have a female rival in Johto. Unfortunately, I think Saori could have been handled much better during the Grand Festival and brought more drama to the entire thing, but oh well.

I might come up with some more later.

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Well i like all characters in pokemon.I like May and Dawn,Brock,Ash etc,their styles,paths through which they went,their ups and downs which they experienced,achievements etc.
However if i would have to choose my top favorite in this show,its some particular redhead character.

Misty:she is unique character with great personality,and i started to like her from start,if i recall correctly somewhere during second episode "Pokemon Emergency".From the moment i saw her i noticed how much potential is lying in her liking her attitude and style,becoming my favorite and i like how she has developed as character.She started as short tempered girl exploding over every tiny thing,with time starting to mature in these days becoming more responsible as person gaining more selfconfidence,at the same time being tomboyish,spunky,caring along with keeping traits whic were and are making her being great character.

Her life wasnt easy.She had to live in sisters shadow always needing to prove herself to them,later on managing to gain their respect(more or less).She is smart,funny,brave caring alot about things which she like in her life(like sisters,friends etc).

I also like the fact how she is not afraid to follow her dreams,finding unique how she is using only one type(water) striving to become best with them,becoming water pokemon master one day.
I like her pokemon too,especially her Psyduck who always managed to make me laugh.

With this said,even though chances arent very promising,i would love that she returns to cast one day,considering how much untapped potential she has with her story being unfinished(like goal which isnt possible to achieve with current position).
That and i always enjoyed in this show with her around.


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Soledad Great character and is only seen a few episodes. Her personality is very nice and she knows a lot about Pokemon. And she always helps people, even her rivals. Her hairstyle is great and her Pokemon too.

Misty Her personality is funny, cool and her 'job' as a Gym Leader is unique, and very special. Just like almost all the characters from this post, are Misty's Pokemon great.

J I see my favorite characters are only females :O Her job as a Pokemon Hunter is great and she is almost the only one who's really trying to kill Ash. Her way change Pokemon into stone is original and very cool in my opinion.

I know it aren't many characters, but these are the only one who I really like. Almost all the others are great, but these are for me the best.


Nº1 (Character) - Jessie Why i Like her? Well she's determinated!! The look, the Pokemon, everything about her is great!! I just think that she needs another ribbon... She has a strong personality, always being mad and Irritated x'D I like her style and the way she battles or in the contests.

Nº2 (Character) - Brock This is obvious! "Oh dear nurse Joy...", "Oh office Jenny..."! Great Great Great! He is the team support x)

Ash is cool yeah i like him too because you can see him grow up in the series =)


Nº1 (Character) - Jessie Why i Like her? Well she's determinated!! The look, the Pokemon, everything about her is great!! I just think that she needs another ribbon... She has a strong personality, always being mad and Irritated x'D I like her style and the way she battles or in the contests.

Nº2 (Character) - Brock This is obvious! "Oh dear nurse Joy...", "Oh office Jenny..."! Great Great Great! He is the team support x)

Ash is cool yeah i like him too because you can see him grow up in the series =)