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Favorite Character Thread

Discussion in 'Animé Polls' started by S.Suikun, Sep 17, 2009.


What is your favorite anime character from DPP?

Poll closed Dec 26, 2012.
  1. Ash

  2. Brock

  3. Dawn

  1. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    Here it is - the revived, renewed, refurbished sticky thread to let the world know who your favorite character in the Pokemon Anime is (lost count of the version)! Are you a diehard fan of a certain cast member? Is there a more minor character that you just couldn't get enough of? Express yourself here!

    However, there are a few basic rules you should abide by:
    - No bashing of other characters! This is a thread merely for your FAVORITE characters! Character bashing is against the forum's rules, and if somebody praises a character you are not a fan of, please keep it to yourself!
    - No wars over which character is better than another! This can also qualify as bashing. However, if you'd like to add onto somebody else's discussion of a certain character, that is certainly welcome as long as it's considerate.
    - Give reasons for why you love your favorite characters! In other words, at least provide a sentence instead of a simple list with no purpose.

    Hope this can help re-invigorate the discussion in this sector of the forum. Have fun! :)
  2. Obsolete

    Obsolete MondoTR (Dani)

    Technically not in the anime but my fave is Mondo. I have no idea why though, lol.
  3. FlameRose

    FlameRose Well-Known Member

    Thanks for re-making this, S. Suikun!


    Paul: One of the best rivals ever, who will always sit tall and proud on the Mt. Olympus for rivals with Harley by his side. We've begged for an antagonist who was not a villain for HOW long? And we finally got him, all wrapped up in one jerky package. Paul brings so much flavor to the show, whether it's calling Ash pathetic, training rather harshly, or even ticking NURSE JOY off. Wherever the show takes us next, Paul's made his mark and isn't likely to be forgotten.

    Harley: Along with Paul, best rival ever. Not only was he an evil *******, but a hilarious one as well. It's great how the rivalry started over something as small as May not liking his cookie's as much as he knew she should, and eventually evolved into great things such as Engrish and a TR alliance... Harley's just epic.

    Dawn: Probably my favorite female lead. Her journey as a Coordinator just feels so REALISTIC. Of course a newbie isn't going to make it past the appeal rounds a few times! I also like all of her Pokemon, espescially Piplup and Pachirisu. Watching Dawn stop being a crybaby and eventually grow up has been awesome, and I'll be sad to see her go.

    Hunter J: Wait, what? A villian who's actually a villian?! J is easily Pokemon's most heartless character, not even batting an eye while sending Ash flying over 1,000 feet below from her airship. Or stealing a Gardevoir, Pikachu, and Meowth all in one day. Until we see what TG has in store, she's easily the scariest villian on the show.

    Ash: The hero who I actually like! Watching him grow from a hotheaded brat in Kanto to a calmer but still awesome version of himself was nice, since IMO his old Kanto personality would've gotten annoying after a while. Most of his Pokemon are awesome in their own rights, espescially Pikachu, Monferno, Staraptor, Sceptile, and Torkoal. I dunno, I've always liked Ash.
  4. Mandi.

    Mandi. 3:


    Haruka (May). Obviously everyone pretty much knows me as the total AG Haruka fangirl on crack. Well, yup, that's me.
    Why do I like her so much? She's a sweetheart. A total adorable sweetie. I stopped watching Pokemon during Johto, and one day I turned on the tv and AG was on, and Haruka grew on me almost instantly. I loved how she looked, her wild hair. Her personality, just all of her.
    I love how much character development she got. One of the best. She was like a totally different character at the beginning of AG. She was whiny, bratty, immature, lazy, kinda slow and clumsy. And she grew up to be a caring, confident, a girl who actually cared and liked Pokemon.
    She's so funny and cute. Back when I was obsessed, I had to have saved like every single picture out there of her. ahaha, that's how obsessed she made me.
    Oh and the characters she introduced were awesome. And I liked her contests much more than Hikari's. AND HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HER BROTHER WAS SO CUTE! ;-;

    Other than that babe.
    Team Galactic. All of them. Little Marsy will be my favorite, since she's a total cutie brat. But I love all of them. They're the one villian team that I'm actually really into, and they are what got me in D/P. They are like totally serious and cool and hot. I love their hairstyles. People think they're mad creepy, but they're just totally wacked and amazing.

    I am so weird on this chick. I liked her at first. Then hated her, then liked her again, and then disliked her ...and now I'm basically all into her. She's a cutie, a great character. I love how the writers really focused on her a lot in the beginning of D/P.

    SOUL. (Kotone). Ever since I first saw her, I loved her and defended her from haters. I love her outfit (NOT MARIO >>) LOLOL. Her hair is wonderful. She's just great, and I love how she got an anime appearance, unlike Leaf (she should have though.)
    hopefully she'll get much more appearances, cause she seems like an interesting character. :]

    cause he's GAAAAAY!
    and I find him to be one of the best characters Pokemon has ever had. I loved how he hated on a little 10 year old girl. Such a creeper, ahahaha. <3
  5. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    Paul: He's what pokemon needed. Badass trainer with badass pokemon. He's the opposite of Ash. He's a true rival. 100 times better a rival than Gary ever was. Definitely my favourite character.

    Brock: People have been fed up of him. But there is a reason he came back when Misty didnt. He is practically a big brother to Ash. And his flirting gets old sometimes, but its funny nonetheless.
  6. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    As i said many times before,its definitely Misty.In my opinion she had the best chemistry with group,providing many entertaining and funny moments making this show more interesting.She is a great character,and her interactions with Ash and Brock were truly classic.Her dynamics with group,doze of witty comments,sarcastic gestures,eruptions of anger provided to this show and still does whenever she appears something,which is lacking in these days.

    Nevertheless Misty is also very intelligent and resourcable as person being able to adapt to any situation(which case with st.Anne arc,taking care of Ash and Tracey during OI and finding way out of unpleasant situation in which both her and Max got in "Real Cleffa Hanger" showed).

    And while she perhaps didnt battle in same amount like other two girls did,she still had notable achievements(like winning Princess festival which was some sort of early contest,Seaking competition,being among top 8 in Whirl Cup,winning Alto Mare race in 5th movie etc) and aside from battling did many things which May or Dawn didnt.
    Like saving people lives,taking care of frinds when they were sick,whole town from destruction in Kanto,giving moral support to her friends teaching people to never give up hope believing in themselves.

    And while some people let just say/mention prefer when she is off screen,in my opinion said character deserves to be part of this show again,considering how she never received closure and to allow further progressof her story which is left unfinished(like her ambition of becoming best with water types for whih gym isnt enough,backstory etc).
  7. Allyson


    Well let's see..

    Ash: Well of course, he's one of my favorites! He is the the star of the show and if I didn't like him, then I probably would'nt still be watching the show. I liked him best in the beginning of the show when the gang was still in Kanto, but evan though he's not the same, I still have a sweet spot for him :)

    Barry: Just epic ;-]Well he may be one of the newer characters but after watching just one episode with him in it, I just instantly loved him! He's definitely different from any of the previous characters; he's always in a hurry and very exciting and just one of those characters that I cant get enough of!

    Dawn: Dawn is my favorite female character because to me she's sort of like a mix of Misty and May. She can be feisty and mean but then again, she can be sweet,kind, and caring ;)

    James: Well he may not be the smartest member of Team Rocket but he's my favorite member! James has always seemed more interesting to me than the other Team Rocket members. He's obviously alot kinder ;)

    Drew: I dont know why I like Drew...he's just one of the characters that I just think is pretty cool so I like them :cool:
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2009
  8. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    Misty: Misty is my favourite character joint with someone else. I think it's because she is original, she is also hot tempered. And like pokemon fan 132 said, she has saved so many lives and she has obtained many achievements.

    Dawn: Dawn is my other favourite character joint with Misty. I like Dawn because I think she acts like a girl in the pokemon world would, the whole hair problems, etc. Plus she is a beginner and it's likely that she wouldn't get through the appeals rounds all the time, unlike May who made it through all of them? Which is one of the reasons why I hate her and her bratty brother, but back to Dawn. Plus I liked the fact that she actually acts like a 10 year old would when they lose a competition. Dawn also is like Ash, she has played a major part in anime since she appeared and I will be sad to see her go, but part of me thinks she will be staying because she has had a huge part in the anime, much bigger than Misty/May.

    Ash: Well let's face it, you have to like Ash. He's the hero and all. Plus usaully he gets the pokemon I would like (Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Turtwig, Snorlax, etc)

    Brock: Like Misty he's original, he has been in the anime for so long, without him it's just not the same. Take a look at the OI series, it's just not as good without him, filrting with the girls and helping poor pokemon, looking after the group, doing the cooking. Also I really like it how Brock filrts with girls in Sinnoh where it switches to a lot of detail.
  9. milenadrg

    milenadrg Well-Known Member

    Paul:Near every other character was nice and friendly. We needed someone like him. I really like his personallity, training style and team...
    Hunter J:She's one of the coolest characters show ever had. I really liked how she acted cruel and evil...
    Barry:I sometimes really enjoy his personallity, he's funny. I am really glad they showed him in Anime...
    Ash:Well, he's hero. The show without him wouldn't exist. I sometimes can enjoy hi personallity, especially in first episodes...
    Brock:I like his personallity. He and his flirting with girls were funny at the first episodes...
  10. TheFreshness

    TheFreshness Well-Known Member

    Gary: was the best trainer to ever be put in the show he was completely full of himself but he didnt carry himself in a way like paul does.
    i think that brock is pretty funny to and im glad he came back to the show
  11. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    Harley because he's absolutely HILARIOUS! Especially in Harley Rides Again when he thought Munchlax's Metronome was a dud and started laughing at it when suddenly Thunder comes down on his Octillery. His sudden reaction was the BEST!!!!!
  12. deokishisu.123

    deokishisu.123 Justified Trope

    Ash: He pwns!

    May: just too adorable.
  13. remember123

    remember123 Active Member

    I personally like JERK Gary, he was cool, pokemon adored him, and he wat the stronger equivalent of Paul, but he was so far ahead of Ash he trained every one most probably.
    Whilst Ash was working forward GARY WAS WORKING BACKWARDS exploring the world, thats why he didnt get enouf screen time
  14. Trainer Emily

    Trainer Emily Fairies do exist!!!

    Ash: Kinda like him during the Indigo-Johto league, because of his occasional comic stupidity.
    Misty: A hothead during the Indigo and Orange league, but mellowed out gradually from Johto onwards.
    Brock: Still a persistent flirting machine, kinda reminds me of Johnny Bravo...they both flirt older girls (except for the School of Hard Knocks episode where he [and Ash] blushed to the younger student-teacher named Gizelle, although no flirting)

    And I think Gary (no, not the snail) is better than Paul (Paul is not a bit friendly compared to Gary).

    But what characters I mostly like...are some of the one-time or few-time characters, or some unnamed characters seen in an episode.
    Because it makes us miss them more...
    Such as gym leaders like Sabrina and Erika, the Eevee Bros., Duplica, Sakura (not the one from Naruto), and the very first one-time character so-called "Samurai".
  15. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 Just bought a Switch :D

    My favorite character is Dawn because she's hot.
  16. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Oh my! Silly me for not noticing this thread earlier. Anyways, after Tracey it's truly no preference.

    Tracey/Kenji: Even from day one did I LOVE this character. Yes. That's how obsessed I truly am for him. But loving him crazily aside, I did enjoy his presence on the anime. It was a refreshing change of pace as Tracey DID NOT hit on every freakin' female. Though it did bring up the whole "closet pervert" subject with me. But then I stopped caring. I am indeed still irritated that he remains in just one-second shots in the opening and yet we still do not see him in the actual anime. Though when the Housou episodes were coming out, that was a very nice treat. Plus, he's an artist! For God's sake, that's reason enough for me to claim him as an all-time favorite!

    *that was just the short version*

    Drew/Shuu: Okay, I'll be blunt. At first I did not like him. I mean at all. His cocky attitude just threw me off. Plus, I used to think he was the new Gary that stole James's rose. Well sometime after the Fallarbor contest, I started to like him. Gradually started to like Drew. And of course my whole thing for him exploded in 2006 thanks to the Grand Festival episodes.

    Harley: I had to pick the character I named my cat after...No lie. From day one I loved Harley (and from day one I knew he was a little...*coughs* hey, hey, hey). Let's just say OFF. But his character was just so great. He had the greatest choice lines. And I hate to say it but, PUSA did give him some worthy lines so I can't hate on them for that. "Brood of boy-toys" it kills me every time. And the fun times we saw. From manipulating May, to the cross-dressing of May, and of course blowing a kiss to Drew, I loved every minute of it.

    And other characters I like and don't feel like yammering on and on about are Zoey/Nozomi, Misty/Kasumi, Conway/Kouhei, James/Kojiro, and Wallace/Mikuri.
  17. 5ilVer

    5ilVer <-- so adorable ^_^

    ok....*stretching my hands* let's see now.

    *Dawn: i like her style, i like her pokemon and i like the fact that she is getting stronger each time she participate another contest. i think she is my favourite coordinator becuse she lost a lot of contest and it kind of touched my heart a bit. they really nailed it with her. the only problem i have with her is that she needs Zoey around in order to learn something...i mean a little independence could be nice no? (oh and i also have a problem with the fact she is wearing one very short dress for a 10 years old girl but never mind)

    *Gary Oak: wow i love this guy! i am not though if its only becuase he is super cute :) but anyway i loved his previous personallity better (the cocky one that is) but this one is also good. i always think of him as this really strong trainer and when he became a resercher it was kind of disappointing.... i hope he will catch more strong-evolved pokemon just to keep his image. and of course see him more.

    *Paul: well thats a new one. never thought the anime will do a chracter like him. to me he just plain evil no matter how strong he wants to be..the whole chimchar thing ruined it for me....but i am glad he is in the anime. its great looking forward to Ash beating him so bad.....i am hoping he will never change even if he does lose miserably to Ash.

    *Barry: there isn't much to say...i just love his funny-hyper active personallity...fingers crossed we will see him after sinnoh as well.

    *Harley: the best comic-relief EVER! i want to see him again so bad! he was wvil but funny and he had all the perfect pokrmon for him. he was fabulous ;)

    *Misty: the second favorite female chracter. i just like everything about her. to me she is perfect but i think she got a little soft on her recent episode...i wish she will stay tough as always. if she could join the gang again (not insted of Dawn) that would be awesome.
  18. rocketnyasu

    rocketnyasu Well-Known Member

    Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth) - Meowth is a no brainer, but I have always loved Meowth in both English and Japanese. Something about his cat-like voice in the Japanese version is just so appealing. I know that Team Rocket can just seem like one note running gags for most of the series, but episodes like Meowth Rules and Go West Young Meowth really show how much the three of them care for each other. Team Rocket are the reason I stayed with the anime, honestly. They were always my favorites, and in times in which I didn't care much for the heroes, these three prompted me to tune in.

    Tracey - I always enjoyed that he was an artist. For a while there, he was my favorite of "the twerps".

    Ash is one of those characters who has grown on me. His enthusiasm has always been his strong point for me, but his naivety earlier in the series was a sort of double-edge. It was cute at first but after a while it got old to see him point his Pokedex at every Pokemon. I think adding in a new character (May, now Dawn) really helped to take him out of that new trainer mode and allowed him to grow up a little. He might not be the strongest character (in more ways than one) but he's a nice guy.
  19. swampertlover5712

    swampertlover5712 True Love Never Dies

    Me likey Misty, Dawn and Riley
  20. JTrainer

    JTrainer Pokemon SwordMaster

    My favorite character has to be May. For a number of reasons. To list two.

    1. She and I both chose the same starter pokemon. We each have Blazikens!

    2. shes cute.

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