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Favorite combos?


La Melancolie Noir
Attract+Nasty Plot.

I don't know why, it's just funny. My Houndoom pulls it off so nicely.
Of course, what would be even funnier is Attract/Charm/Captivate + Scary Face/Mean Look. Seems like the latter should cancel out the former, doesn't it?

One of my favourite combos to use is a status-problem move + Hex. I just feel so evil when my Pokemon does lots of damage with Hex thanks to the target having a status problem. It looks especially cool if the status-inducing move is Will-O-Wisp. My Chandelure knows this combo, and I don't want to teach it Shadow Ball to replace Hex.

Another combo I like is Cosmic Power/Defend Order + any HP-restoring move. Usually I alternate the two, and then my Pokemon becomes a super-wall! I had two Pokemon that used this: a Clefable with Cosmic Power and Moonlight, and a Vespiquen with Defend Order and Heal Order.

And here's another one my Excadrill likes to try out: Hone Claws + Horn Drill. Not as uber as Articuno's Mind Reader + Sheer Cold (or my old Poliwrath's Mind Reader + Fissure), and it doesn't always work, but I like to try it out on wild Pokemon, and the OHKO moves are fun to watch.

In a double battle: One Pokemon uses Fake Tears on an enemy, and the other uses a Special attack on the same enemy. Also works with Screech + Physical attack. Only works if the debuffing Pokemon is faster of course. In Colosseum I used to have my Plusle do the Fake Tearing a lot.

And here's one I haven't tried yet: Soak + any Grass or Electric attack. Or Soak on a Flying-type + Earthquake. Either of those will be fun...

Another one I like is Future Sight + Recover, which I have on my Reuniclus. Use Future Sight, and while the foe is attacking, spam Recover until the attack hits.

Also, I miss the move combos you can do in contests of R/S/E... Those games had the best contest system IMO.


Metalopolis King
Sub + Leech Seed

Taunt + Dragon Dance

Sub + Roost + Multiscale

Sub + Charge Beam + Magnet Pull

Body Slam + Iron Head (Jirachi)

Thunder Wave + Body Slam (Togekiss)

Trick + Choice Scarf [Item]

Recover + Toxic / Will o Wisp

Thunder Wave + Prankster

Spore + Sub + Focus Punch

Spore + Sub + Leech Seed

Swords Dance + Bullet Punch

Sleep Move + Nasty Plot

Soak + Discharge (Doubles only)

Rest + Sleep Talk + Two Phazing Moves

STAB Hyper Beams in gen 1 (If they killed the target you didn't have to recharge)

Wish + Protect

Spikes + Toxic Spikes + Stealth Rocks

Wow that's a lot.


The pangolin
Power Share + Rest + Chesto Berry, cripples opponents instantly

Hone Claws + Dynamicpunch, My Sandslash loved this


Yawn + Focus Sash + Protect + Acid Spray + Giga Drain, Accelgor loves to troll

Substitute + Thunder Wave


Well-Known Member
Facade on a Poison Healer holding a Toxic Orb.

Light Clayed Dual Screens, then go to a set-up Sweeper :)


Nocturnal Trainer
Facade on a Poison Healer holding a Toxic Orb.
If only Zangoose were available in the dream world
Toxic Boost: Attack stat increased by 50% when Poisoned
70 base
x2 for poison
x1.5 for STAB
x1.5 again for ability
If only Zangoose were available in the dream world
Toxic Boost: Attack stat increased by 50% when Poisoned
70 base
x2 for poison
x1.5 for STAB
x1.5 again for ability
Well we have Guts Swellow, which is kinda the same.

Guts: When Burned, the halving effect will not activate and Attack will double
70 Base
x2 for status = 140 BP
x2 Attack = 280 BP
x1.5 for STAB = 420 BP

Not bad. Although he lacks anything to hit Steel types with.
Curse + Gyro Ball...although I haven't seen it uilized on anyone other than Ferrothorn, I'm sure others can pull it off.

Dragon Trainer X

Moves: Toxic and Protect, Curse and Payback, Curse and Trick Room, and Swords Dance and Drain Punch.

Abilities: Toxic Orb and Poison Heal, Magic Bounce and Toxic (bounce back to DW Gliscor, Poison him, and give him Leftovers), Guts and Toxic Orb, Controversy and Leaf Storm ^^


Official POTW Fact Checker
Curse, Will o' wisp, memento.