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Favorite D/P song

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Drkecho, May 14, 2007.

  1. pikachu2

    pikachu2 Well-Known Member

    I like the Champion battle, vs Dialga,and vs darkrai.
    (No I didn't actually catch darkrai but I listened to it on youtube)
  2. Dax

    Dax R.I.P Dax

    I love the song when I battle Cynthia. It's a great battle song.
  3. Blue_Mew

    Blue_Mew Magnezone pwns!!!

    I love the music in the Haunted House in Eterna Forest :)
    and the music during the Champion battle is cool as well
  4. Question the Quilava

    Question the Quilava Holy! Ambush!!!!

    The lakes
    Route 225 and 228
    The theme on the outsides of the mountains before Palkia/Dialga
  5. Guest

    Guest Starship Captain

    Personally I like all the new music but the best one has got to be Oreburgh.
  6. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    The Darkrai music is the regular legendary music, isn't it?
  7. DarkRayquaza

    DarkRayquaza Rayquaza Master

    I like all of them, but specially the legend encounter one.
  8. haruka~

    haruka~ Spikeshell Trainer

    I love the game corner music! <33
    And the wild pokemon battle music on the route above Drifloon, I don't remember where that is.
  9. Drkecho

    Drkecho Retired

    The route or a battle
  10. Igloo

    Igloo PinsirUsedGroundTime

    1. Hiker Theme
    2. Veilstone Theme
    3. Lake Valor Resort Area
  11. Redd Floxy

    Redd Floxy Kawaii kitsune

    1. Battle Champion
    2. Battle Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf
    3. Easy Dance (The jollyness xD)
  12. Anaya

    Anaya Synthesis

    The gym music is pretty cool I think.​
  13. Altimet X

    Altimet X Member

    My fave music comes in this order:
    Team Galactic Commander Battle
    Team Galactic Grunt Battle
    The Lakes
    Elite 4 Battle
    Champion Battle
    Legendary Battle
    Normal Battle (just the beginning)
  14. Pearl's Perap

    Pearl's Perap Well-Known Member

    I have decided, due to hatching excessive amounts of eggs, that I love the music that is played in route 210, even if I DO hear it far too much...
  15. Shaara

    Shaara &lt;3~

    1. Champion music
    2. Legendary trio music
    3. Route 225
  16. asia_catdog_blue

    asia_catdog_blue Fog Trainer

    Game Corner and Mt. Coronet.
  17. Azelf of Cruxis

    Azelf of Cruxis | Ancient Chaos |

    Hmm. Favorite D/P song? I do like the outside of Mt. Coronet, gives you a nice snowy feeling. But my favorite songs are the Vs. Dialga/Palkia Battle Song and the Vs. Arceus Battle Song. :eek:
  18. Ebil McClucky

    Ebil McClucky DAT ***

    1. Champion music
    2. Legendary trio music
    3.Sunyshore City theme
  19. Clash

    Clash He's Back!

    The Route above Solaceon City.
    Best. Route. Music. EVER.
  20. voltzard

    voltzard Psycho

    Floaroma Theme (am I the only one who actually likes this music?)
    Legendary Trio Music
    Veilstone Theme
    Music when challenged by Cowgirls/Ruin Maniacs/etc
    Music when challenged by Rich Boys/PIs

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