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Favorite Eeveelution?

Favorite Eeveelution?

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Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
What is your favorite evolved form of Eevee out of the 7 that exist currently? Mine is a tie between Jolteon and Glaceon.


Praise the Sun!
Gotta be Espeon for me; used it since Gold so there's a lot of nostalgia value there for me.

+ dat Sp. Atk/Speed.


Well-Known Member
Leafeon for Attack

Espeon for Special Attack

Overall, Leafeon.

Mega Typhlosion

Well-Known Member
Flareon. Don't care if it doesn't have STAB physical move, it's still my favourite as a Fire-type enthusiast.

But I like them all. Maybe Jolteon is the one I like less.


Flame Trainer
Jolteon, its speed is incredible, and while its movepool isn't the best around, it's still good enough to give Jolteon just what he needs to succeed.

No. 1 Machop Fan

Well-Known Member
I can't answer that. I love them all! <3

And no I'm not a furry.

Lucario Fan

Well-Known Member
I'm between Vaporeon, Umbreon and Glaceon.


Loves Eeveelutions
I wish I could vote for all of them!!! :(


Shiny Hunter
Shiny Vapoeron nuff said
*May the shine be with you*
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