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Favorite Egg to hatch??

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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Odd little question...

I remember being pleasant surprised to hatch Togepi when you first get an egg, though it looks like in Crystal the egg hatches to a random Pokémon or something. But the one Pokémon I can recall being really happy to have hatched was an Elekid. That took forever to get x_x.


Never Say Forever
I don't know really, not sure if I have something like a favorite Pokemon to hatch. Maybe Magikarp since it doesn't take many steps to hatch. Other than that, I also liked breeding all starters.


Eeveelution Fanatic
I love hatching Eevees~
And any DWF pokemon, actually, lol.


Any egg that hatches into a Baby Pokemon is my favorite egg to hatch to be honest. I just love hatching cute little Pokemon like Elekid, Magby and Togepi, as that's what Pokemon eggs are for in my opinion.


pokemon prof
or ditto.. I just recently started hatching a couple of eevees because of the post above lol... I did not know why I thought you were not able to breed eevee's?? maybe because I never tried until now and I always though of eevee as an exclusive pkmn being a gift and all, so I never thought you could breed it bc or that lol


Eeveelution Fanatic
I'm glad I informed you, then :'D

I guess that's why I like it so much - because it's always been a kind of "rarity" (in the older games anyway, when you could only have one). Even in the new games, they're still fairly hard to come by, much less a female one.

;133; ;133; ;133;

Adding to favorite eggs to hatch would be pokemon with egg moves :D

sandy ketchum

Well-Known Member
My favourite egg to hatch was a pichu


Forever now
Well, I'm not really into hatching eggs unless I can get shiny out of it...
So I think it's the starters I guess... since they're rare.
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