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Favorite Fire Type Pokèmon?


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Too bad Sinnoh only introduced like 3 fire types it was definitely the worst region for fire types.Johto and Hoenn also weren’t great for fire types either.
Which is kind of ironic in Hoenn's case, as it had a big volcano in the middle. Alola didn't either, and it also had a volcano.

Fire types actually tend to be kind of rare overall, as fire doesn't often occur in nature (except for volcanoes and forest fires).


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Besides the starters we got the following evolutionary family’s:

Kanto: Magnar,Arcanine,Ninetales,Moltres,Rapidash

Johto: Slugma,Houndoom,Entei

Hoenn: Torkoal,Camerupt

Sinnoh: Magmortor,Heatran

Unova: Darmanitan,Chandelure,Heatmor,

Kalos: Pyroar,Talonflame

Alola: Salazzle,Alola Marowak,Blacephalon,


Love when the mods can’t do their jobs properly
Gen 1: Flareon
Gen 2: Houndoom or Ho-oh
Gen 3: Torkoal
Gen 4: Infernape but Magmortar and Heatran are really close
Gen 5: Really hard. I did a Mono Fire playthrough during Gen 5’s initial release and I loved all of Unova’s Fire types. It’s either Victini, Emboar, Darmanitan, Chandelure, or Volcarona.
Gen 6: Delphox
Gen 7: Incineroar line
Gen 8: Scorbunny


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(Mega) Charizard probably. Delphox, Litten, Torracat, Moltres, Typhlosion, Arcanine, Ponyta, and Rapidash get honorary mentions tho.

Red and Blue

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Gen 1: the entire Charmander line and Mega forms and Arcanine
Gen 2: Magby
Gen 3: the entire Torchic line plus mega form and Torkoal
Gen 4: none of the fire types strike out to me
Gen 5: Darmanitan and Volcarona
Gen 6: Talonflame, Pyroar, and Volcanion
Gen 7: the entire Litten line is sheer perfection. Side mention goes to Salazzle
Gen 8: Scorbunny.