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Favorite G/S/C Legendary

Fave Johto Legendary?

  • Entei

    Votes: 9 16.4%
  • Raikou

    Votes: 10 18.2%
  • Suicune

    Votes: 19 34.5%
  • Lugia

    Votes: 25 45.5%
  • Ho-Oh

    Votes: 9 16.4%
  • Celebi

    Votes: 9 16.4%

  • Total voters
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Queen of Sppf
G/S/C introduced six Legendary Pokemon: Which ones did everyone like best? Please try and explain your thoughts thoroughly, not just "I like ____".

I've always adored Celebi since the species has always been so exotic and mysterious given its event-only status and rarity. I've also always liked Raikou and Suicune; out of the Legendary Beast trio, Raikou is my favorite.

Prince Umbreon

Starfish and Coffee
Johto has always held the spot for "best legendaries" for me personally. They're all so awesome. It's hard to pick only one favorite. Let's see...

Lugia has to be the most nostalgic for me, after seeing it in the 2000 movie. Before the movie was released, I even had a temporary tattoo of it because it just looked so awesome. At the time, I didn't even know what it was called. I would look at the tattoo on my arm and try to come up with my own names for it. I got Gold and Silver for my birthday soon after the movie came out. And I immediately favored my Silver game because, duh, Lugia!

Next would be Celebi, partially because I somehow always have a soft spot for the little legendaries like Mew and Jirachi. Having its own shrine and being revered as a time-traveling protector is such a cool background. The fact that it was so elusive and hard to get really helped give me the feeling of it being busy traveling through time, which I think was a neat touch.


So long
Suicune for me. I think it is great. It has a cool design, balanced stats and a good movepool to make use of. I liked that it was Water-type instead of Ice which made the Johto beasts feel less like a complete rip-off of the Kanto birds. Suicune has been useful for me in various teams in many generations, I have for the most part been having great success with it. I also liked it's part in the story in Crystal for what it was worth back then.


Call of Fate
Lugia is my favorite.I like its elegant design,its cry and good movepool.Not to mention it hides in a pitch-black cave protected by whirlpools!I also like Raikou because of its high speed,although it lacks diversity.Could be because FireRed was my first Pokemon game and I received Squirtle from Prof.Oak,so I ended up running across the electric beast back then.


Undercover Rocket
Lugia wins, then Celebi.

I find Lugia very elegant and streamlined. I LOVE the lore behind it, how it hides under the sea PURELY to suppress it's psychic powers (take that water/flying wishers :p).

Time travel has always fascinated me, and Celebi was our 1st time travel pokemon. I admit, I didn't like her in game for GSC, but her 3D versions were much nicer.

I WOULD like Ho-Oh more, but I'm honestly not a fan of the colour choices. Like, it says it glows with 7 colours of a rainbow, but honestly, the deign doesn't do it justice. In some art it has blue feet, never purple or even orange. I understand graphic limits, but GSC sprites made it super ugly with just red/green colours. I also really dislike the black around it's eye. It's said to show itself to a trainer of pure heart (or something) but it just looks so vicious with those eyes :/

I honestly never really like the 3 beasts. Entei looked kinda cool, but lack(ed)s usefulneed. Raikou, absolutely nothing special really about it. Suicune, elegant and great design, but I think I'm turned off by now OU he is/was (haven't done real competitive in ages).


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Mine would probably be Suicune. I am a fan of its typing since Water is my favourite type. I like its appearance a lot too, both in terms of its design and its colouring. Plus, it was a very memorable Pokemon for me on my Gold version. It took me quite a long time to catch it on that game, and once I succeeded it became part of my main team.

I also like Celebi and voted for it too. I think it's pretty cute.


Lugia. When I saw how big it was in Pokemon Stadium 2, I kinda fell in love with it.


Umbreon Master
Suicune because Crystal was my first Pokemon game ever and I absolutely love Johto and all of its Pokemon. Suicune was the first legendary I caught so it's very memorable to me. It became a permanent member of my team. I also love its design and using it in competitive pokemon battling.


Radio - On Air!
Suicune and Lugia bring up the most fond memories for me despite my love for all the Gen 2 Legendaries.

Suicune I obviously fell in love with because of Crystal and it's actually the most feminine-looking compared to the other beasts. I just kind of like it's origins a little more than the other two. I chose Gold back then but that didn't stop me from liking Lugia a little more than Ho-Oh. It was probably because of the second anime movie that came out back then that I loved Lugia (it's melody is still an all-time favorite for me). Sometimes Lugia doesn't even look like your typical bird because those wings look like hands at times... So I guess it's because I love Lugia's design? It's unique for a bird-like Pokemon creature. XD


Joan Ranger
My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Crystal- so naturally Suicune is my favorite legendary.

I loved the 'Suicune & Eusine' side-story in Crystal, and I loved the Pokemon episode (I think it was "For Ho-oh the Bells Toll", I have it on GBA video) where Ash see Suicune ^-^

Plus, I have 2 cute Suicune mini-figures...So yay for Team Suicune!


Momentai, bro.
Lugia. Lugia is my favorite Legendary period.

Watching the movie as a kid, Lugia was, and still is, awesome. It has an entire cryptic prophecy around it, it is the guardian of the oceans and hides itself under the sea because it's so strong that it being above water causes hurricanes and a single flap of it's wings levels houses which is kind of melancholy if you think about it, it's cry in the film is fantastic, it's hauntingly beautiful just like it's song, and that telepathic voice? Awesome. I mean come on, it's a giant thing that isn't quote any one animal that we know of and thus can only really be described as a Pokémon. And the most important feature, HAND WINGS. Like, what? It's wings are hands. Your arguement is invalid.
Bought silver the day it came out and played that game to death. Lugia had to be one of my favourite legendaries of that time and after seeing the movie it kind of solidified my love for that legendary. Great design & great moves for sure.

Tactical Squirtle

Active Member
Celebi for sure. Being unable to get it, and it's home being the mysterious Ilex forest added more to it's lore. It's small size also reminded me of mew, my first gen favorite legendary.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I only ever got Celebi through a trade once from a neighborhood kid who used the GameShark for it. I ended up losing it when my brother "accidentally" started over my game when he decided to play through it himself. I remember Celebi being pretty cool, but with an eerie cry. The original sprites make Celebi look like an alien, it's creepy, lol.

But I think Lugia's my favorite Johto Legendary and it may or may not be because I had Silver, and it was one of the harder battles I had in the game (which says something about how much of a n00b I was as a kid). If memory serves well, believe I had to get help to reach Lugia, but I at least had less of a difficult time getting to him than I did with Ho-oh. The sprite also looked cool to me, almost majestic, and Pokémon 2000 helped in that regard.


I dig every legendary from GSC tbh, Lugia and Entei for being badass, Ho-oh and Suicune for being majestic, and Celebi and Unown for being adorable and funny.

Raikou is my favorite tho, great design, cool typing, decent movepool, and just really fun to use (runs fast, huts hard, has just enough bulk to be a good pivot).


Queen of Sppf
Lugia. When I saw how big it was in Pokemon Stadium 2, I kinda fell in love with it.

I liked Lugia too; the months leading up to movie 2 had me hyped for Lugia, but in recent months I've grown neutral about it. I'm sure I'll feel differently about it eventually.

Yeah, but the things has alternate formes, their own shrine, their own movie, and is in the undiscovered egg group.

It's still not a Legendary though, hence why it's not on the poll that I made.
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