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Favorite GameCube game?

Captain Brain

Well-Known Member
Super Smash Brothers Melee

Single Player
Mario Sunshine ;025;


Well-Known Member
Holy crap, I can't believe I'm the first one to mention Super Monkey Ball. And Super Monkey Ball 2. Don't tell me I'm the only one here who's played them?

You guys have the rest of the best covered already.


i think my faevorite game is pokemon colosseum ^^ my dad brings me today GC and pokemon colosseum at the same but i have played already pokemon colosseum with my friend and thats just cool ^^


Hive Trainer
Although I liked the Pokemon GC games, I think SSBM, RE4, and LoZ: Wind Waker are better, I like each of them in different ways. Although these favorites will change once TP is out, or that will be my favorite Wii games. Another game that seems will be good is the Kirby game, that has yet to get a real name.


Nido Trainer
Here are my 5 fav games.

2.Pokemon dx
3.Starfox assault
4.Mario kard double dash
5.Paper mario.

Razorback Kirby

animal crossing has provided many hours of enjoyment, next is definatly super smash melee then its REALLY close between wind waker and mariokart double dash!! for 3rd


Boulder Trainer
Paper Mario : TTYD was definitly my favorite. Better then the first, IMO.

But Super Smash will always be the best multi-player GC game.

Wind Waker and Sunshine are up there too.


Innocent Bystander
I guess ssbm, but I also liked Colosseum and XD a lot. There's some others I really like, but I probably can't say they are the best.


Hmmm... 3 way tie, Paper Mario: TYD, Mario Kart Double Dash, or Super Smash Bros. Melee


Procrastinate Today!
I have loved Sonic Adventure 2: Battle ever since it come out on the GC. It still remains my favorite game period. And of course using a disk that has the words 'replay' and 'action' on it enhances that game and mkes it even more fun!

For multiplayer, SSBM all the way. 'Nuff said, everyone knows why!