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Favorite Gen 1 Gym Leader?

The Gen 1 games gave us several cool Gym Leaders to battle against: Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni.

Which ones were your favorites? Please explain your choice(s) a little.

My absolute favorite of the lot was Misty since she specialized in my favorite type of Pokemon, and if I had to choose a second one, I'd choose Giovanni simply because he was tough.


My favorite Kanto GL was Brock, because of his type specialty (Rock types) and his slanted eyes, which I always found charming.


Never Say Forever
Erika for me. I like flowers so a Gym Leader who likes flowers is something I see as positive. Then she seems like a rather calm and collected person which I like as well.


Call of Fate
For me, it is a tie between Misty and Sabrina, because the former uses Water type, which is my favourite type, and the latter is very mysterious due to her powers she had even as a child.


I'd have to choose Sabrina, she was very tough for me to beat, especially her Alakazam.

Mrs. Oreo

I'd have to go with Erika as my top pick from R/B/Y cuz she had an elegant design and I liked how she had a quirk involving her dozing off hee hee. I also liked Blaine, mainly cuz his gym's quiz questions were fun to solve and his gym was really original. :]

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My pick had to be Lt. Surge because of his brash, no-holds barred personality and his powerhouse, Raichu. Once he treated you badly, the feeling that comes after you beat him is satisfying.


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There's not really one Kanto Gym Leader I like more than the others, but I'll go with Blaine today. The Fire type was my favourite back in the day (before being replaced by Water) and I loved how his Gym puzzle is a quiz. Having a Gym on an island instead of the mainland like the others is something else that I always liked for some reason.


I really like Erika's gracefulness compared to the other Kanto gym leaders. Her Pokémon and gym design complemented her calmness well.


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I'm going with Sabrina. She's a real tough cookie to beat in the Gen 1 games. I lost to her Alakazam five times in a row back when I was playing Pokémon Blue for the first time.


I'll go with Kasumi this time, although frankly my fondness of her stems from the anime mainly. I liked her in Red/Green/Blue/Yellow as well, but she wasn't as dynamic in the games as she was in the television show.


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Sabrina and her gym were a fun experience, in my opinion. The portals in her gym were a challenge to get through, and I also thought it was cool how she was able to read your mind.

Cat's Eye Draco

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Blaine, mostly because of his quiz machines. (I always battled anyway, but the quizzes were kind of a fun alternative.) I've always liked Sabrina as well, though I've never quite gotten the hang of her gym's warp tile puzzle.
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Sabrina's gym was a pain, but it made her memorable. Overall I'd say blaine, because of the gimmick of his gym, and secondly Giovanni because his gym has sweet loot in it.


Sabrina and her gym were a fun experience, in my opinion. The portals in her gym were a challenge to get through, and I also thought it was cool how she was able to read your mind.
Natsume/Sabrina had my favorite Kanto Gym puzzle, although I wish that her psychic powers had actually been relevant to the Gym match, as in her AI should've been given an edge by predicting which moves we would use against her Pokemon.