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Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon?

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Umbreon and Sneasel are both amazing. Shame Sneasel didn't become usable until Gen 4.

I've always been more of an Espeon fan myself, but Umbreon's pretty cool as well. As for Sneasel, I like its type combination more than its design. :p

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I like Lugia (my favourite Gen II Legendary), Suicune (second favourite Gen II Legendary), Umbreon (my favourite Gen II Eeveelution), Tyranitar, Skarmory, Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Crobat and Azumarill.


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Espeon is my absolute favourite Gen 2 pokemon and is my favourite Eeveelution of all (Jolteon is second and Glaceon is third for those wanting to know). They hit pretty hard and when trained right can be a real nightmare for poison, fighting, ghost, dark psychic and dragon types everywhere and can hit most things not steel type pretty hard. Plus there's its Magic Bounce ability which is just brilliant, though there is also a certain satisfaction in running one with the synchronise ability and having it hold a Lum Berry - magic bounce is better though.

Heracross is quite possibly my most favourite of Bug types. When he came along, you realised that bug types could do more than just fire a stun spore and then hope for the best. Yes, Gen 2 also introduced Scizor but the best bug type attack that thing had back then was Fury Cutter and that pales in comparison to Megahorn. Heracross was everything Pinsir wished it was - both were Bug types but only Heracross had an attack to make use of it and while both could use an array of fighting type attacks, only Heracross had the typing to back it up. Even now, years later, I still adore Heracross and I always go out of my way to try and catch one, even if I have no intention of actually using it on my team.

Gligar was a pokemon that I never really had much time for in Gens 2 and 3 - it was weak and had terrible attacks. Then Gen 4 comes around. Not only does Gligar finally get an array of half decent attacks it also gets an evolution in Gliscor - probably my favourite of the multitude of cross-gen evolutions to come out in Gen 4. And how can you adore Gliscor without gaining some kind of a soft spot for Gligar?

The same goes for Togepi and Togetic. For a pokemon built up so much prior to its release thanks to the anime, Togepi was a pretty pathetic creature in Gen 2, and it didn't get much better once it evolved into Togetic. Gen 3 helped a bit by introducing some attacks that Togetic could take advantage of, such as the never-miss Aerial Ace, Shock Wave and Magical Leaf along with Water Pulse, Wish and Yawn, but it took until the introduction of Togekiss in Gen 4 to really save this line. And, like Gligar, how could I love Togekiss without liking Togepi and Togetic more than I did before?

With the starters it is very hard to choose between the three as they all have traits that I like very much. Each always had their pros and cons. Totodile was always a fun idea but it struggled to impress due to it being a physical attacker before the physical/special split of Gen 4, meaning that its Bite did less and it didn't have a water type attack to back up its typing. It also had to wait a until level 13 to get its first STAB move in Water Gun while Chikorita got the harder hitting Razor Leaf at level 8. Cyndaquil suffered a similar problem, having to wait until level 12 to get Ember. It also took a very long time to learn Flame Wheel and Flamethrower amd in general lacked versatility. Of course all that has changed with later Generations and I like all three Johto starters almost the same, though Cyndaquil I like a bit more - I used it more often than the others because grass and water types were so much more common that fire types in game.

Other favourites include Aipom, Slowking, Larvitar, Mareep, Phanpy, Crobat, Noctowl, Misdreavus, Steelix, Houndour and Hitmontop, though, like I've mentioned before, some of them I only began to like after Gen 4 came out and did many of them massive favours.


Probably Steelix. Always liked Onix, so Steelix's design and typing was always cool to me.


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Chikorita of course has always been my favourite Pokemon for years, It's extremely adorable and charming <3
Next is Togepi, Flaffy, Marill, Espeon, Furret and Bellossom. I just love gen 2, so many happy memories.


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Houndour/doom, Lanturn, Crobat, Ampharos, Politoed, Scizor, Natu, Murkrow

Dogs nuff said

Electric Water come on sick hybrid typing

Crobat- so cool

Ampharos - a favorite early Electric

politoed - Cute lol

Scizor- tough looking nickname one 'Blade' years back

Natu - Prefer to Xatu just by appearance

Murkrow - love Dark and he was among the first
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Oh boy, there's so many to choose from since Gen 2 is my favourite generation thus far. I'd have to go with Typhlosion though, since I really love his design, and Cyndaquil was my starter. Other notables include Scizor, Tyranitar, Lugia and Ho-Oh.


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Umbreon. Always been my favorite Eevee evolution and always what I evolve one into.

My others include Cyndaquil, Totodile, Larvitar lines, along with Bayleef, Sneasel, Delibird, Raikou, and Lugia


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Espeon. My ultimate favourite Pokémon since I don't even remember when. And I don't remember why, must be from that Espeon trading card my friend once have when we were children. I guess it was love from the first sight :D I also like Psychic types very much.

I also like Feraligatr very much, one of my favourite Pokémon as well.

Other Pokémon from this generation I like are all the starters (their first forms), Umbreon and Suicune.


Probably Steelix. Always liked Onix, so Steelix's design and typing was always cool to me.

Steelix is by far my favorite Gen 2 Steel-type. I remember planning to raise one when I bought Silver, but since they could only be attained via trading, I didn't get to raise one until years later.


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Other Pokémon from this generation I like are all the starters (their first forms), Umbreon and Suicune.
I like Suicune a lot too, it's probably my favourite legendary in GSC. It's always been my favourite of the Suicune/Raikou/Entei trio and I love its design.
Plus, Suicune's just been a very memorable Pokemon for me. I remember finally catching it on Gold after trying for a long time, then using it on my team ever since then.


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My favorite generation of Pokemon is the second generation, so I have LOTS of favorite Pokemon!

Entei- because I loved the Spell of the Unown movie ;)
Misdreavus- because of its fancy red pearl jewel necklace I thought she could be the Queen of Pokemon lol
Gligar- because I had a pink plush one that I got for Xmas when I was a little kid (and I still have it)
Mareep &
Flaaffy- because they're super cute and on my first Silver save file I had one in my party that I never let evolve into Ampharos because I wanted it to stay a cute sheep foreva
Delibird- because it gives everyone presents!
and Totodile- because it was the first Pokemon I ever had in a Pokemon game (I nicknamed it TOOT hehe)

Gen 2 had many memorable Pokemon for me- the list goes on and on!
Of non-legendary gen 2 'mon, there's none that are favorites.

The only gen 2 'mon I like is Suicune.
No episodes of the anime or any movie's it was in made me like it more, though, it's always been the one of that trio I've liked the best.

I do enjoy the movies and anime episodes it's in more now. :)


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For me, I've always liked half of Gen. 2 and didn't care for the other, but my favorite would be Houndoom. I just love its design, type, and moveset. Pichu is a close second because who doesn't love a baby Pikachu.


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Oh Gen 2 has a lot of Pokémon I love.
Typhlosion, Feraligator, Umbreon, Espeon, Scizor, Heracross...
but my favourite is probably Ampharos. I've used one on so many teams, I just adore it!


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I find this one a lot harder as I always saw the introduced Pokemon of this generation to be an extension of the last generation more than anything - there's quite a few new lines of Pokemon, but there's also many evolutions or pre-evolutions of previous generation Pokemon. Being honest, I'm not particularly fond of any of the baby Pokemon introduced in this generation, and many evolutions just felt uninteresting.

My favourite Pokemon from this generation is Misdreavus, but I also love Houndoom. I like Misdreavus for the same reason I like Froslass; they both have this haunting yet quite feminine design, without taking it as far as the likes of Gardevoir. Houndoom on the other hand - he's a hell hound. Of course he's rad.

I also adore Slowking but it was more so because it was a joke between friends after rewatching Pokemon 2000: The Power of One, thirteen years after it was originally released.
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