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Favorite Gen 3 Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by BTS_fan, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. BTS_fan

    BTS_fan Banned

    Since the last thread expired, I decided to remake it. So which Gen 3 Pokemon were your favorites? Please explain your answers thoroughly.

    I always had a soft spot for Jirachi because it was one of the hardest Hoenn Pokemon to get. It took me a year to finally download one from the bonus disc that came with Pokemon Colosseum back in 2004 I think, but man was it worth the wait.
  2. Fushiki

    Fushiki Golden Orchid

    Medicham. To begin with, I personally have always had a soft spot for its type combination, Fighting/Psychic, which back on Generation III was one of the sleekest around.
    It has one of the best abilities, Pure Power, which allows this Pokémon to hit very hard. Further than that, its mega evolved form is in my opinion one of the best looking all around and gives this Pokémon some perfect characteristic to describe in the best way possible its sleek type combination.
  3. Ignition

    Ignition Buttwitch needs more appreciation

    Probably Sceptile (Crawdaunt, Swellow, Torkoal, Glalie and Manectric are other contenders). The anime is the main reason as Ash’s was a great addition to the cast. It’s a speed demon who has a impressive movepool and even cooler Mega. Wish it had a better Ability and special movepool
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  4. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I have several favorites, but my main one at this moment is Bohmander (Salamence). Admittedly, I didn't like it that much back when R/S were first released, but after seeing its Mega Evolved form in OR/AS, I really started liking it and I even bought a Mega Bohmander plush doll.
  5. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    Absol - has a cool design, a sad backstory and a wide movepool. I've also grown to like its Mega.
    Salamence - the first true European dragon in the series. Hits very hard, too. Shame its Mega is not just overpowered, but unappealing, too.
    Milotic - incredibly elegant and tough to beat thanks to Recover.
    Manectric - looks sleek and can use Flamethrower. Never really liked its Mega, though.
    Latios - love his colour scheme, huge movepool and high Speed and Special Attack. Again wish he had a better-looking Mega.
    Kyogre - has a great backstory and Ability. Favourite legendary Pokemon ever.
    Other Hoenn Pokemon I like are: Swampert, Metagross, Latias, Groudon, Armaldo, Aggron, Altaria, Zangoose, Exploud, Flygon and Breloom.
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  6. NobleJanobii

    NobleJanobii The Maddest Shaymim

    Latios and Salamence probably. They were some of the first pokemon I became familiar with as a kid and they still have very appealing designs for me. I loved being able to fly on Latios in ORAS. It was like a childhood dream come true.
  7. Monozu

    Monozu Cosmopolitan Dragon

    Jirachi, Milotic, Metagross, and a whole bunch of others I've forgotten.​
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  8. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    Latios is my favorite Gen III Legendary. I remember playing Sapphire version first and being really upset when I found out that Latios wasn't obtainable in that game without an event. I had to purchase Ruby version just to get Latios [and Groudon].
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  9. wolf jani

    wolf jani Cutting down lolicons

    my top 6 gen 3 pokémon are.
  10. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block

    Gen 3 definitely has to be my favorite as far as Pokemon designs. Most of my favorites come

    Favorite Starter: Swampert
    Favorite Regular Pokemon: Flygon
    Favorite Legendary: Rayquaza

    Other favorites include Breloom, Linoone, Zangoose, Milotic, Shelgon, Metagross, Spheal, Tropius, Blaziken, Sceptile
  11. Acerola

    Acerola ::A Smitten Kitten With One Mitten::

    I remember when I was...11 or so, when emerald was still new, I searched and searched almost every tile on route 119 for a feebas as Milotic was my dream pokemon at the time.
    I finally found the tile, and fished like crazy to get a bunch of them, now my milotic is in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and is Lv 100 <3

    Anyone else try to find a feebas back-in-the-day when it was actually rare?
  12. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Still miss you, Lorne. Staff Member

    Yep and it was a real pain to get, let alone raise.
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  13. Fushiki

    Fushiki Golden Orchid

    It's easy to level up as it needs very little amount of exp. points.
    I happened to find a random Feebas in Sapphire, but just once.
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  14. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Still miss you, Lorne. Staff Member

    The whole beauty side of it, not in terms of the exp part.
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  15. Fushiki

    Fushiki Golden Orchid

    Well... Yeah, that was indeed annoying.
  16. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I remember fishing and finding a few after reading the video game guide, although I didn't actually evolve one until about a year later, and I only did so for collection purposes. To be completely honest, I find Milokarosss (Milotic) to be one of the least appealing Pokemon from Gen III based purely on its design. It's essentially just a less ugly version of Gyarados from my point of view.
    MockingJ likes this.
  17. RedBlastoise

    RedBlastoise Member

    Sharpedo was my favorite one tied with Swampert because I like Water mons the most. Sharpedo and Swampert both look epic and strong and I used each of them in Emerald and Ruby.
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