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Favorite Generation 4 music?


Cerulean Blues
What are your favorite music tracks from the 4th Generation games?

I loved the Battle Frontier battle theme even though I only heard it like 5 times and lost to the Frontier Brains each time. Also the Ending Credits music was lovely and so was the Canalave City theme. From HGSS I liked Ecruteak's remixed theme.


Eh, ragazzo!
DPPt- Probably the VS Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf Theme. Hard to describe why I like it, but I guess it has a nice flow to it.
Extenting to HGSS- I definitely like VS Lugia. Part of it sounds aquatic, while the other part sounds a murder mystery theme.


Route 216 had arguably the best BGM in the Gen IV games, and Route 229 was a close second. I really loved the incorporation of piano in some of the BGM from D/P/Pt, most notably in Shirona's [Cynthia's] theme music.


Call of Fate
Route 205 - cheerful and upbeat.
Vs. Dialga/Palkia - sounds epic.
Vs. Giratina - creepy and chilling.
I also like: vs. Barry, vs. Cynthia, vs. Galactic Grunt, vs. Red/Lance, Celestic Town, Route 204, Floaroma Town (night), Route 207, Route 216, Spear Pillar, Route 47, Mt. Coronet upper floors, vs. Lugia, and vs. Legendary Beasts.


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The Team Galactic battle theme rocks so hard. I also like the Frontier Brain battle music, the Sandgem town theme and the Game Corner theme.


I was thinking of what DPPt music I liked the most, when I remembered that the song I liked most in the 4th generation was not from Sinnoh but from Johto. And that is the HGSS theme from the National Park. It was such an iconic piece of music from the original GSC, and the remake of it for 4th gen was just, mwah, chef's kiss. It was chill music back when I was studying, and remembering it again made me listen to it all over again.


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HGSS had some great ost. Silver’s, gym leader (kanto/johto), national park, Lugia’s, Lavender Town, Mt Silver and ofc the goat Red/Lance’s themes are particularly awesome. Pretty nostalgic there


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Lugia and Ho-Oh's new unique battle themes in HGSS were so good. Probably my favorite addition to those games. My other favorite HGSS theme songs are the Mt. Silver theme, Ecruteak theme and rival battle theme.