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Favorite Glitches?


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Glitches. Every Game has them. Some more than others. Yet some of these glitches seem to stand out more and have a special place in our hearts. Which ones are your favorite?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In the Imperial City, there is a guy named Dorian. Tacky clothes, always lives in his house. Cranky guy. Kill him and take his money. His gold doesn't disappear from his inventory. Mash the A button for infinite cash.

I also have to go for the classic Missingno and Glitch City from R/B.

Goggled Petilil

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I think my favourite is the glitch in Super Mario 64, were you can long jump backwards on the endless stairway to fight Bowser earlier.
Not is Mario launched to the end, But it's also nice if your just lazy.
I don't really encounter glitches, nor do I really look for them.


Blue Screen Of Death
My favorite glitch is in super mario sunshine: you ride a yoshi, then in the middle of reaching a fruit, dismount him. His shell will be hovering a little. If you get back on him, the fruit stays in mid-air.
Or kirby super star ultra: I couldn't find this anywhere, or remeber how it works, but if you get hurt somewhere near water, and have air in you, (I could be incorrect about how) then you will freeze in the middle of the water and be puffed up. To unfreeze, get hurt again by a enemy.


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Hmm... wow, I'm blanking out about glitches. Let's see... oh yeah, probably the cloning glitch in Emerald would be my favorite, I guess.

Another one I'm not sure is really a glitch, but it'd be weird if it wasn't. Anyway, it's in Gears of War 2. If you shoot a Grinder in his....um, hat?-I don't know what to call it, the thing they wear on their heads- if you shoot one there with the torque bow, it will usually count as a headshot, killing it. Makes it much easier to take them down.


Squad member Ricchan
In Sonic Generations during the Shadow rival fight, it you get the second power core and then it reaches you as you're doing tricks in mid-air, once you power up the models for the asteroids will disappear and you will have to restart the fight.

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
Hmm... wow, I'm blanking out about glitches. Let's see... oh yeah, probably the cloning glitch in Emerald would be my favorite, I guess.

Definitely my favorite! Clone any Pokémon you have legit and in-game too! No hacking devices needed. I loved that glitch! I became somewhat popular with the schoolbus kids in 5th grade because I cloned their Pokémons and items haha if I ever see the GameStop near me sell a used Gameboy SP for less than $50, and Pokémon Emerald for less than $15, I'll def run back to my house immediately and grab the money! I don't even care if I get ripped off, at least I get to play it again

Mew The Gato

The Mew Glitch from the first Generation of Pokemon. It gave Mew such an exotic and alien feeling, as if it was not intended to be found, but still was. It gave it traits no other canon Pokemon has. It added mystery to the games, which blended quite well with the game itself.
Mew Glitch and Glitch City were both a ton of fun as a kid, especially since I found the latter one totally by accident.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town had a ton of text glitches that I found really funny.

Fighting as Master Hand in Smash Bros Melee was cool even though it froze the game.


The Pokémon Punk
Gonna go with a different answer...
Rocky from the PS2! Because it's hilarious watching the game and the boxers all f**ked up!
If you haven't seen Rocky's glitches in the PS2, I suggest you watch JamesNintendoNerd's video on YouTube.

Frozen Ghost

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There's this glitch in Skyrim where a mammoth can fall out of the sky. It happened to me and it landed on another mammoth. XD (both died though)