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Favorite Gym


Don't Blink
I think Dewford Island's Gym is my favourite. I just like the idea of it getting lighter and lighter as you defeat the trainers. But I haven't played D/P yet.

I like the Lavaridge's gym because I like the idea of jumping into sand pits and not knowing where I'll pop out at. That and I like Flannery, she's cool.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Snowpoint, for obvious reasons involving the diamond dust girl. Heck, I go in every now and then just to talk to her, even though she says the exact same thing each time!
Sunyshore has a cool gym!


I liked the Eterna gym. Camera thing was cool, Gym leader was cool, Roserade is cool.

It was pretty cool.


Back here. >.<
Sootopolis, Veilstone Gyms...


Flying on six wings
Before I got DP, I used to think the church in Hearthome was the gym whenever I went there on my friend's copy. I was like, "WHOA! KEWL!"

..and then I saw the real gym when I finally got the game. =\ Honestly, they could've done better. It was kinda useless, especially knowing the poketch has a calculator function. XD

ah well, I guess pastoria and sunyshore was fun. Snowpoint too, maybe.


I like the way Melissa/Fantina's gym looks, and the fact that you can bypass all trainers if you wish (of course, I chose the wrong doors on purpose for the exp). It's very original, plus she has a wonderful Muumaaji waiting when you get to her. <3

Crashing into snowballs in Suzuna's gym is fun too, plus there's a trainer with my name in there who uses my girlfriend's fave pokemon. X3

Hyper Shadow

Well-Known Member
Uhh I guess clairs because that I like dragons and theres lava :-D


Psephophthalmus artu
Blackthorn City Gym though Mossdeep comes in a close second

Metal Force

Canalve city GYM, why? hmm let's see, first it's a steel GYM, second, it's puzzles are very cool, third the leader "Byron" is also very cool.