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Favorite Gym


Well-Known Member
I liked Heathrone, but I liked the Sunnyshore Pokemon


I love Sealeo!
Olivine, because it has no Gym Trainers and an easy-as-pie Gym Leader.

Ed Phoenix

Pesky Boy
Viridian - Cause Green takes it over in G/S/C
Celadon - Like the plants
Eterna - The forest set up is very nice

Ed Phoenix

Pesky Boy


I like more Clair's Gym in Blackthorn City because i'm more a Dragon Fanatic. (Hence current Usertitle) Just like Espeon_55 mentioned here.


In Diamond and Pearl, I liked Gardenia's gym. It was fun to beat all the girls with my Staravia (Which is now a Staraptor). Also, Gardenia wasn't hard to beat. Volkner's gym wasn't bad, either, with all of the electric things. Fantina's math problems were kinda fun, but on my first try, it took me such a long time. I didn't bother to read the signs.

Super Gullwing

Team Skull Mom
1. ...I dunno...
2. Blackthorn - Clair
3. Mossdeep - Liza & Tate
4. Pastoria - Crasher Wake

Princess Reina

I like the Azalea Town Gym. Similar Gym belongs to Gardenia so I may say, I like both. Green color is calm for eyes and trees give a power, so if I was a Gym Leader I would have a Gym like that.


The Snowpoint Gym was good. Man, that puzzle was hard!

Fantina is great and I love that gym too. It made me feel smart to know the answers.


I liked Lt. Surge's gym... I remember the good old days when that was one of the difficult gym puzzles due to the amount of luck needed in finding two keys in succession. Also, There was a nice variety in the trainers there: a sailor, gentleman, and cable guy or other. Finally, I liked how in Yellow version Surge only had one Raichu, and that was it. It made beating him with a Diglett easy. The sign outside the gym also made me laugh... "the Lightning American".
1st Gen- Lt Surge. I enjoyed the puzzle-ish button thing.
2nd Gen- Clair. Great fun with the Dragons
3rd Gen- Norman. I loved the Variety.
4th Gen- The Snowpoint. It's the only one that gave me trouble.