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Favorite Hoenn Gym Leader?

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So, R/S/E introduced many cool Gym Leaders: Which of Hoenn's Gym Leaders did you like the most? Please explain your choice(s) a little.

I myself will go with Roxanne, because I always kinda had a crush on her. Her teaching job was great too, though I always thought she looked too young to pass for one.


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Before OR/AS existed, I had a hard time picking a favorite Gym Leader from Hoenn. I liked all of them equally, more or less. But the remakes changed that. My favorite is now Roxanne, the main reason being that I find her to be really cute in her OR/AS artwork. I like her personality too, and her Gym design in OR/AS is really cool. Other than her, I am also a fan of Norman and Liza/Tate. But like with Roxanne, I only started to like them more after playing OR/AS. As for R/S/E, I have to give a special honorable mention to Juan because I remember having trouble beating him in Emerald even if he was the last Gym Leader in the game.


For me, it's a tie between Mikuri and Adan. I enjoyed them both since they had an artistic demeanor, and the fact that Adan had given up his Gym Leader title to Mikuri and then took it back in Emerald was fascinating.
Do you even need me to tell you? Wallace all the damn way. He is cute, strong, cool, and OHMGYOD HE IS TOTAL BROS WITH STEVEN. Also, his manga adaption.... I'm totally not crying or anything, just ignore me.


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My number one Hoenn leader has always been Wallace. I love Water types and he introduced me to one of my favourites, Milotic. His design is totally fabulous (especially in ORAS). And, I loved having him as the Champion in Emerald.
Oh yeah, I really liked his portrayal in the Pokemon Special manga as well.

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I'll say my favorite Hoenn Gym Leader is Winona. The reason for this is because her Dragon Dance spamming Altaria taught me the importance of stat buffing moves. Before that, I just put four damage dealing attacks and thought anything else was a waste of time. xD

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It's a tough choice, but it was between Winona & Wallace. Winona's there because I liked the diversity of her team, awesome design, and calm, calculated personality. I also chose Wallace because of his team, wacky, but unique design, and his role in the post game (ORAS). Who would have thought that an average gym leader became a Pokemon Champion?


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Mine is Winona, because her design is gorgeous and I like her whole team (Swellow is sleek, Pelipper is derpy, Skarmory is tough, Tropius is just a neat concept, and Altaria is adorable).

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Hmmm I kind of liked all of the Hoenn gym leaders to some extent, which is strange cuz normally I'm very picky about which characters I like hee hee. My top favourite right now is probably Winona cuz she was graceful, but I admire Flannery's passionate personality and Wallace's classiness as well. :]


Definitely Brawly. I liked his surfer gimmick and how he had experience using Fighting types. My second choice would be Wattson based on his constant cheerfulness. :)


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My choice for favorite gym leader in RSE has to be Flannery. I like her red hair and fiery demeanor, and I thought it was interesting how she had only recently inherited the Lavaridge Gym.
Gotta go with Flannery since she had a hot design. I liked Liza and Tate as well, although I discovered a few months ago that Tate is a boy, which blew my mind.

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Flannery, because I was always forgetting that her Torkoal knew attract and constantly setting myself up for a lot of frustration. :rolleyes:

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Only one leader stood out for me as I didn't particularly like any of the others.

Flannery: hot Pokémon, hot trainer. 'Sall I'm sayin'.
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