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Favorite Hoenn Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Lorde, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Hoenn introduced tons of great Pokemon: Which were your favorites? Please try and explain your thoughts thoroughly, not just "I like ____".

    I adored certain Gen 3 Water-types like Corphish, Wailmer, Wailord, Huntail, and Relicanth, as well as Legendaries like Kyogre, Jirachi, Latios, and Latias. Kecleon, Duskull, and Blaziken were cool as well based on design alone.
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  2. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    Well, it's going to be:

    Blaziken-coolness again and that Speed Boost
    Flygon-awesome Dragon type
    Altaria-cute, fluffy, soft, good replacement for your pillow and also Dragon type
    Salamence-OP and cool
    Latios and Latias-badass and Dragon type
    Rayquaza-OP and cool
    Jirachi-cute, rare and cool
    Deoxys-cool and weird
  3. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I have quite a few favourites from Hoenn, but my absolute favourite is Milotic. I fell in love with it the first time I fought it in the Sootopolis Gym in Ruby, due to its typing, beauty, and the fact that it seemed like a great Pokemon since it was so hard for me to take down. XD

    Also, I spent so much time just trying to get one for the first time on my Ruby. Finding Feebas took forever, then I wasted time not knowing how to evolve it, then once I knew about its evolution I had a tough time making not terrible Pokeblocks...it was worth it in the end, though!
  4. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    Since Generation III is my favorite,my list is going to be pretty lengthy.
    Absol-has a cool design and can use its ability Super Luck pretty well thanks to its impressive array of moves with a high critical-hit ratio.
    Aggron-looks awesome and can afford to use Head Smash without much penalty thanks to Rock Head.
    Zangoose-I like its design and wide movepool.
    Salamence-easily my favorite pseudo-legendary.Love its high speed and attacking stats and menacing appearance.
    Manectric for its ability to learn Fire-type attacks.
    Swampert-it is decently bulky and has a good type combination.My favorite fully evolved Hoenn starter Pokemon.
    Milotic-it looks pretty and is tough to take down thanks to Recover.
    Groudon-I love dinosaur-like Pokemon in general.
    Kyogre-for its ability to learn Electric-type attacks and great design.My all-time favorite legendary.
    Latios and Latias-both are adorable,quick and versatile.
  5. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I forgot about Salamence. I think it's pretty cool in terms of design and moveset, though I've only used one once in R/S/E. I really dislike Bagon and Shelgon though.
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  6. Doomdour

    Doomdour Color Ball Collector


    How can you not like Flygon? The typing was very cool, the color excellent green. So cool. Cacturne, hey the guy I claimed. This one may be odd for some folk, but I love this guy! Being Dark and having very high special attack made me use him quite alot and just really like the design. Banette's face, just might be my favorite ghost there is. Good ol' zipper mouth is too cool.
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  7. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    Well, previously unmentioned by me (duh), I also remember Flygon and Milotic being two of my additional old favourites. Flygon also had this cool design but it was totally disappointing that it didn't get a Mega. Milotic is beautiful according to the Pokedex and I loved it, with a fairly decent stat distribution. But I didn't really like it when Wallace uses it lol.

    Honourable mentions:

    Wailord's huge size (47'07" or 14.5m tall) absolutely stunned me.
  8. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    I always have a hard time choosing a favorite Pokemon, even if it is just from within one single generation. And third generation is no exception. But if I had to pick one absolute favorite from here, it would have to be Latias. It is one of my overall favorite Pokemon. I like it so much. Ever since I first saw it, I have found it to be so awesome. Great design, it is so cute unlike Latios which is more cool (though that isn't a bad thing, I just like Latias better). Latias has also helped me at many points in various games, be it in post-game squads or battle facilities. So it is my favorite.

    Others I really like from this generation are Manectric, Slaking, Breloom, Skitty, Mawile, Claydol, Cradily, Walrein and Salamence.
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  9. skyradiant

    skyradiant To Each Future

    Milotic is my favorite, because of how beautiful and cool it is. Mine would have to be the MVP of my Omega Ruby team. It's also my favorite Water-type.
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  10. Synnett

    Synnett Stuff

    Claydol has always been my favorite from this gen for some reasons. I mean, his design is not that fantastic, but there is something in it that make me love it. Second favorite is Cradily. :)
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  11. Viviaren

    Viviaren Smug Snek

    My Favourite Hoenn Pokemon has always been, and will always be Blaziken.
    I just think it has a really badass design, and it it seriously OP. Torchic was also my first ever starter, so that’s another reason I like it. I also think its Mega Evolution is pretty cool, though not as cool looking as the regular.
    - Breloom – This guy is so underrated, yet so awesome. I was really hoping it would get a Mega evolution in ORAS, but sadly that didn’t happen :( Maybe in Z?
    - Aggron – Huge armored dinosaur. What’s not to love? Also, it’s Mega evolution happens to be one of my favourites(just behind Mega Lopunny)
    - Manectric – 4th favourite Electric type overall (after Raikou, Jolteon and Zekrom). I never understood why so many people hated on this guy, I mean he’s really cool. I’m glad it got a Mega :)
    - Latios – I think it was Pokemon Heroes that made me love Latios. So sad when he dies though ;^;
    - Latias – Same as Latios.
    - Wailord – I love Whales, so yeah. Plus I have this huge plushie of it XD
    - Sharpedo – Similar reason to Wailord, I really like sharks. I also love it’s mega Evolution.
    - Milotic – I really like it’s design, and the shiny is really cool as well. Needs a Mega so bad though.
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  12. hoenn came out with some of my favorites. a lot of the designs for that gen were really interesting and it feels like the color palettes used are very distinctly "gen 3."

    breloom, swampert, swalot, manectric, tropius and linoone to name a few.
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  13. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    These reasons are partly why Altaria's definitely one of my top 3 favourite Hoenn Pokemon. I *love* how fluffy and adorable it is. I thought it was pretty cool when I found out that it was part Dragon, since I was not expecting that at all.

    I grew to like Altaria after facing it in the Fortree Gym in Ruby. I thought it was pretty strong and decided to raise a Swablu right after. My Altaria ended up being one of my best team members on Ruby. ^_^
  14. Ephemeraboy

    Ephemeraboy Member

    I like metagross, walrein, blaziken, salamance, and super cool deoxys...
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  15. TheOriginalJade

    TheOriginalJade Would Like To Battle

    Oh I love the gen 3 Pokémon! So many great ones.
    My favourite?
    Blaziken-my all time favourite pokémon.
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  16. Xena

    Xena Warrior Princess

    Third gen certainly has a special place in my heart.

    - Latias and Latios are some of my favourite legendaries, partly due to their appearance and partly due to the fun of chasing them around the region (hadn't experienced the 2nd gen games before playing 3rd gen).
    - Mudkip's cute little smiley mouth is what made me choose him as my starter.
    - Wingull. I've lived on the coast all my life and once my friend and I nicknamed a particularly fearless seagull "Sammich". I then caught a Wingull and called him Sammich. Sentimental value.
    - Surskit is one of the cutest Pokemon in my opinion <3
    - Aron is another of the cutest, and I loved that Aggron's cry sounded like a train. Made him seem extra tough!
    - Barboach, I'll always love little fish Pokemon!
    - Bagon, Dragon is my favourite type and this little Pokemon is a baby little dragon I just want to cuddle .-.
    - Tropius. I love the tropical jungle feel to this one. With bananas growing from its chin. Pls.
    - Groudon. This one is a mixture of "I love the colour red uguuu" and sentimentality.

    When Ruby and Sapphire first came out, the appearance and cry of Zigzagoon seemed incredibly familiar. I had the same feeling about Sharpedo's appearance. Anyone else get that feeling?
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
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  17. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Lol, how cute. I lived by the coast when I was a kid so I saw seagulls regularly and I once had a Wingull obsession due to my appreciation for sea birds. I had like a dozen Wingull in my PC in Sapphire as part of my Wingull collection. :p
  18. Doomdour

    Doomdour Color Ball Collector

    Shoutout to Grumpig. Might be my favorite Psychic type ever. Grumpig maybe a tad more than my baby Natu.
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  19. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Swampert - Good combo and can use ice beam to counter it's only weakness.
    Aggron - Amazing steel/rock type pokemon and looks tough.
    Flygon - Looks very appealing and is a dragon type.
    Altaria - Beautiful and once again a dragon type.
    Metagross - tough looking pokemon and awesome to have.
    Salamence - amazing stats and a dragon type.
    Latias - Cool combo and is a dragon.
    Latios - Nice colour and is also a dragon type.
    Groudon - Just looks brilliant and powerful.
    Rayquaza - Powerful and is a dragon type.
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  20. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Grumpig looks kinda bland to me, but Spoink is adorable. I fell in love with the species after seeing it debut in the anime. Spoink was just so funny. :p
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