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Favorite Johto Pokemon and why?


I'd have to go with Scizor just because he looked like a badass!


Friend of Pikachu
I would have to say my favorite Johto Pokemon would have to be...Houndoom because he just looks so awesomely cool! Plus, my two favorite types are Fire and Dark, and combining the two into a Pokemon is just awesome!

"Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

Well-Known Member
Heracross. Bad typing, but it's movepool... Oh God is it amazing... Next in line is Umbreon, then Lanturn, then Xatu, then Typhlosion, then Sunflora. Fun fact! All six of these Pokemon were on my original HG/SS team!


Well-Known Member
Easily my favorite pokemon ever: Espeon. <3

I love it's design and it is pretty fast and strong on the special attacking side.

Its move pool could be a lot better but oh well still my favorite. :p
My favorite Johto Pokemon is Celebi, plus it's my all time favorite too.


Active Member
Espeon/Umbreon / Tyranitar and the Chinchou line

But i also love a Ampharos :)

Princess Raspberyl

~Shining One~
Hmm...Right now it's a tie between Noctowl, the Hoppip line, and Quagsire. Quagsire I like because of typing (Water/Ground being pretty badass in my opinion =P) and design, Hoppip for how cute it is, and Noctowl because it just looks straight up cool. Especially when it's shiny. =D
Typhlosion, Scizor and Heracross, because they are awesome


smell ya!
Typhlosion is my favorite of all time so yea


I need healing
Favorite Johto pokemon? Difficult decision for me,but I have to go with skarmory. He looks awesome in design and a great physical wall.
Scizor because it can sweep and it is soooooooo cool!


I hate that everyone loves tyranitar...growing up I was the only one of my friends to talk about it and now he's everywhere...still my fav though. Was a beast in the original Gen II series with crunch and couldn't be stopped easily(no focus blast) hehehe...


feraligatr ftw
Feraligatr, espeon, houndoom, bellossom, ampharos, ursaring. I couldn't choose any over any other except for Feraligatr. He was always my favorite starter, since I always go for the reptillian starters. I love espeon probably second because no particular reason aside from having been excited for new eeveelutions back in the day, and ursaring third because DUDE HE'S A BIG BEAR. I used to love bears lol. Still do, that's why I used beartic in white lol.