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Favorite Johto Pokemon and why?


U lieks Oshawott
Typhlosion and it's whole evolutionary line. It's the cutest fire starter ever! And I love having him follow me around, can't wait till I get a copy of SoulSilver

Derald Snyder

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Celebi. I fell in love with it when I first saw it waaaaaay back on the old Pokemon Forever website. Cutest forest fairy ever. And now that I have a legit Celebi on my SoulSilver, game, it'll stay on my team forever... or least until I decide to transfer it to my Black Version.
I also love the fact I could use it in Smogon's OU tier... But the battle simulators seem too much of a hassle for me. Oh well...
Typhlosion, it is one awesome Fire Pokemon and learns Eruption, by far the SECOND most powerful Fire starter everrr!


Champ In The Making
Totodile. Having a crocodile pokemon was pretty cool for once. And it's happy-go-lucky, crazy personality just made me like it even more. Feraligatr was a real nice final evol. too.


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I like Feraligatr.Besides it's one of the most strongest Johto starter yet.It has good stats for battling!
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Gone with the wind.
Its the cutest little thing ever<333


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I like Crobat. ;169;
Just because of the challenge of making golbat liking you enough, I love a good challenge.
(And because he looks super cool)


Saiyan Jedi
Either typhlosion (because it looks awsome, has decent stats, and fire types are my favorite type) or tyranitar (because it looks awsome is powerful and looks like a certain monster we know and love.)


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personally for me its feraligatr chose it gold and loved it makes the game easier epicially now because it learns ice fang which is beneficial aganist your rival and the champion. icy wind in the previous gen after beating pryce


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Meganium cuz he's my starter and Pichu because it's just too darn adorable.


Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Suicune because its so beautiful and and a legendary
It's all about Houndoom. Awesome design, cool typing and great power as well. Definitely my favourite in Johto.
Agreed. He's not my all time favorite, though. It has to be the Rayquaza you get from the Embedded Tower after defeating Red and getting Groudon and Kyogre. Dammit, if they add them, they should add Regigas, if they do a remake of HG/SS!


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Well, theres many pokemon of johto that i like. But the most is Stellix! Man, he is BIG! And stronger! And beautifull! Its a amazing pokemon! Also, someone can say to me a thing? Why i cant post a thread? Help please!


Umbreon cause it looks epic. Typhlosion because I beat HG without using ANYTHING else. Typhlosion has been the only pokemon I have ever used until I beat Blue.