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Favorite Legendary

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Rayquaza, Cobalion, Latios.


My favorite 3rd gen and all time favorite is Latios.
I love each legendary in Gen III, but... ohh, man. I think Latios wins. Almost jumped on the Deoxys bandwagon, but the Latios bandwagon was callin' my name just a lil louder. lol


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Rayquaza is just too cool
Catch him with a master ball and it will look cool when you enter him in the battle!
(Also, if you use the master ball on rayquaza you will have a hard time catching latios/latias)
(I caught latias with a poke ball)


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Kyogre. :) It's just so awesoume! like some sort of mososaur, or a prehistoric whale.


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Rayquaza's my favorite, but it's quite OP. My next favorite would be Latios xP


Lugia, but my favorite in the third gen is Groudon. It was the first i ever got ( I only had ruby.)


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If I were to do favorites, I'd go with my favorite from years ago; that'd be Rayquaza, as it not only had intriguing stats and moves, but something about its abilities made me feel excited. That was especially the case in Emerald Version; not only did I get to capture it with a Master Ball before the 8th gym, it was at level 70 to boot! I knew it was going to be amazing on the team, but also took care to have a good team if not better in general so as to get to and beat the Elite Four and Champion.

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Jirachi and Kyogre.

Jirachi is the cutest small legend and I love its typing.
Kyogre... well I like the color blue and this Pokemon is pretty intimidating looking its just... amazing *^*
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