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Favorite looking pokemon in PBR


Terra Master
I like the look of Darkrai. It showed me what Spiritomb was supposed to look like. Hippowdon looks even more beasty and some of the mons look a lot better this gen than last on XD. But some are just wierd... Manaphy is nearly totally flat...


Active Member
Groudon, Kricketunes movements and gengar...
They made Monferno UBER ugly in this game D:
My favorite looking pokemon is lugia because he looks good in 3D games due to his
simple colors and structure


Keep it real, bro
I actually kinda like how Forretress looks when he faints in PBR. He just kinda falls to one side.

Also, toxic spikes look sweet.

Tri hawk

Say no to Poké-drugs
I like how Yanmega buzzes around. Seaking is close behind.


^Give me your Soul!^
Raquayza FTW xD


King of pirates
My Luxray and Rapadash,oh and Darkrai.


Vespiquen, Vulpix and Regice are all cool.


~Ding Dong~
i like deoxys attack form it looks like its arms are doing the worm lol


Hardcore Ice Lover!
i like how gastrodon looks as if hes made of rubber&clay with paint splashed on it =p


Aqua Admin
some of the first generation pokemon look better than they were in xd and colosm but most are still ugly. some of the improvements ive noticed are venusaur scyther poliwrath and blastoise i guess they put most of their effort in making the 4th generation pokemon look good