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Favorite Member of the Unova 9 and why

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Langley, Bianca, and now Cabernet are the only characters in BW I actually like in general and I probably like them in the order I put them in. Sadly none of them are on the main cast so meh. Everyone else I don't really care about. Some not at all. Though I will admit I probably would have liked Trip if he wasn't Ash's rival and was a rival to someone in his age/level group.


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Why is Luke being considered a member of anything? He only showed up in the Don Battle and isn't anyone's rival or in competition with anyone.


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I see Luke being like Holly, from the tag battle arc.. She seemed like a character that would return (she should have done, for Brocks sake), yet disappeared afterwards, never to be seen again.


So far, Langley. She hasn't shown up much, but she steals the show whenever she does.

Cabernet's a close second, though. (Can you tell I like the crazyass rivals?)
I will admit I probably would have liked Trip if he wasn't Ash's rival and was a rival to someone in his age/level group.

But, Trip is in Ash's "age/level group".
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Why is Luke being considered a member of anything? He only showed up in the Don Battle and isn't anyone's rival or in competition with anyone.

Does it ALWAYS have to be battling and competitions with you? Luke's an entertaining guy to watch, and his scuffles with Bianca were one of the off-battlefield highlights of the Don Battle arc. It's nice to have a non-rival that isn't one of the travelling partners, because usually whenever somebody's a recurring character they're always gonna face against one of the main crew in the League/Grand Festival. Luke freshly averts that, so that's why I want him to stick around.


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watching the dub of lukes battle vs cilan it kind of hint to a few thing mainly his lavastar evolving and him thinging about gym battles that and the writers have given him some good pokemon and it would be a waste for him not to return


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Probably cilan though his _____ TIME! and science sides annoy me
My favorites are Langley and Bianca. Bianca's dumbly funny like in the fishing episode: "Are they a team of rocket scientists?"

Langley is just cool. I don't know how to describe her, she's just awesome.


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Of the unova characters my fav cheren is not here which is bull screw trip why couldn't they just give us cheren :(


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i love Cilan! Iris on the other hand.....ooh....oh iris! i wouldn't hate iris if she didn't treat ash like dirt! well not like dirt exactly but she could give him more credit!


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I love Bianca the best. I love her crashing into Ash all the time.
Iris and Dento were awesome too.
Langely: I love the way her rival with Iris played out.
Kenyan: He has Sawk and I could see that he could be a better rival than Trip is now.


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Ash-- At this point, Ash is pretty much a plot device instead of a character. Though it's good to see his de-evolution in Black and White didn't didn't go into Kanto-levels, otherwise we'd have the complete loser from season 1.

Iris-- First off, easily the most adorable and original character design I've seen on this show. Love the dub voice, too. But she had a massive flaw in her character, and that is the lack of dragon-types on her team. That sucks a lot of the potential fun out of her.

Cilan-- My favorite of the bunch. I was hoping Jonny Young Bosch would voice him in the dub, but beside that misfortune he still manages to be the most flamboyant person in the series. Love his "insane connoisseur" characterization; it almost feels like he was made by CLAMP.

Trip-- A main rival to Ash who isn't a complete douchebag? This is new, but I digress, Trip is an interesting character.

Bianka-- Essentially Barry in drag. Just as much of a psycho, but with the added effect of actually pissing people off. Stupid double standard...

Burgandy-- Cilan's rival and a completely incompetent biitch. I like how hopelessly one-sided it is; the lass is completely out of her league.

Luke-- I don't care too much for this character, though his pokemon team has two of my favorites in it: Golett and Zorua.

Stephan-- Standard secondary rival. Not much to say about the fellow.

Georgia-- Started off great, being the little prick who wanted to kill any dragon that moves, but we'll see. She's got potential to be a great rival, if Iris actually starts training dragon-types or levels up Axew a bit.


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Ash is my favorite, hes been my favorite since KantoXD I also really like Bel, shes really funny and I hope she makes it far in the leauge and actually battles Ash. I'm on and off about Iris, really love Dento but some times I feel hes too perfect at every thing which can get on my nerves a bit but other than that.


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Out of the human's, I'd have to go with Iris. She's a bit over the top sometimes, but has that Misty'esque edge to her.


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My Thoughts...

I'm gonna have to say Luke for one. Just his character, unique in my mind. And come on, you can't really hate Zorua, cute yet strong and tricky, loveable over all. I also am taking a liking to his clothing, sort of a steam-punk-ish style to it. He has to be my favorite.

Also, they made Cilan have an interesting character. I like seeing the characters from the game being transfered into the animé.

Trip makes a good rival, although his hair is the color of puke... It's the truth.

The name gag with Stephan is quite comical, and I absolutely love his taste for fighting types (Sawk FTW!)

As for Ash, nothing needs to be said here, we all know him extremely well.

Moving on to Iris, another game tranfer to animé. I like how her character is turning out, she has interesting Pokémon. Absoluetly adored Excadrill's stuborn personality in the begining. Oh and her hair is ridiculous! Well... Just about all animé hair is... So I take that back.

Now for Burgundy. Her name has a relation to wine, both Japanese name(Cabernet) and American name, I like that reference, as Connoisseur and Connaisseuse come from French origin. But I have one problem the names, her hair is purple, Burgundy is also a color (Commonly of color of wine), it's a redish color(So is cabernet). Red and purple... Not even close colors. Well purple is the color of most grapes, grapes are made into wine, so I can see the relation there. I feel as if her character is still developing a bit, so I can't seriously comment on it.

As for Bianca (Another game transfer) , I like her personality regarding her role in the game and the animé. She is exactly how I imagined her as I played the game. EDIT: And I agree with her being the female version of Barry.

Finishing off with Georgia. I feel as if I haven't come to know this character that much. We get the jist of her, but I would like to see her evolve (Not literally) in character. Iris needed a rival and Georgia is just a perfect fit for the role so far.

Now that I've expressed my feelings for all of them I'm still going to have to say Luke is my favorite. I just adore his character! :D
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I'm sorry but I love Belle, I don't care how annoying people think she is lol. Just let here win some battles you evil *** writers!!!!!!!!!!!
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