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Favorite Mini Game?

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I can't really remember the ones in stadium 1, I think I liked the Sandshrew digging. Stadium 2, I liked the Furret Ball one and the Hitmontop one :p


Pearl Trader
Stadium 1: Clefairy Says, and the one where you're a Metapod or Kakuna using Harden.

Stadium 2: The Scyther slashing one, and the Furret one where you bounce Poke Balls around.


Beginning Trainer
stadium 1: the ekans minigame

stadium 2: the hitmontop minigame, the golbat minigame, and the donphan minigame


My favourite is the onyl one I can remeber, the Eevee one where you had to go under that bucket. I wish I still had my N64, that game was bomb D:

Mawile XD

ello thar
I only really liked one mini game, the Hitmontop one. It's the only one I own at. I'm currently undefeated, but then again, I hardly ever play. -__-

water types rule

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My favorite mini-game would have to be the Lickitung sushi thing, that was fun. But I also liked the Woodcutting game and Chansey egg catching game too.


1:Ekens/diglett game
2:pinser/Syther game

i liked the chanchy and the counting game to. but to be honest....... MINIGAMES OF ANY KIND ARE MY FAVORITE, THEY ARE THE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT THE NEW MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Crystal Clair

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Stadium 1 - The Rattata one and the Ekans one
Stadium 2 - The Scyther one, the Mr Mime one and the Hitmontop one.
Normally I like games that dont require serious concentration and that are easy so they relax you. I cant stand the Clefairy one because it requires concentration.
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