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Favorite Mysteries of the Pokemon series


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Yet Alola and Galar don't have the National Dex, implying they are not part of the said nation. Actually, it is a mystery why these two regions only have the regional Dexes.
They could be located very far away from the first six regions. Alola and Galar are thousands of miles apart, at least their real-life counterparts Hawaii and Great Britain.


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So for me personally, I think the most mysterious villain of the Pokemon series so far is none other than Ghetsis and just think about it. How is a guy in charge of a Pokemon liberation organization have so much power? It doesn't make much sense and the thing is GameFreak almost always explains how these villains are so powerful, usually through resources or operations with the exception of Team Plasma. They aren't part of some big powerful company or mafia, they are rarely seen performing operations to steal some powerful tech before BW2 anyways and yet for some reason, Ghetsis seems to have some very very powerful but unexplained connections. He somehow knows how to awaken the legendary dragons, he somehow knows that N is one of the destined heroes, N's true biological parents are never shown and yet it's kept in his last name "Gropius", his Shadow Triad are extremely loyal to Ghetsis for essentially saving them despite the three knowing his cruelty, the seven sages on their own are a mysterious group with lots of powerful connections, he has connections to Colress who essentially transforms Team Plasma from an old-fashion knightly group to a hi-tech pirate-like group, we have no idea what's with his left arm that he almost never shows and when he does show his blackened arm, it's never explained what's the deal with it and you know what's the biggest mystery about Ghetsis? We have no idea who he is, where he comes from, what's his past or anyone who knows his past which is a stark contrast from other villains where we know that Cyrus is from Sunyshore City or that Lysandre was friends with Prof. Sycamore or that Giovanni was at one time a father but Ghetsis? We know nothing about him other than he's a power-hungry madman. I don't know about you guys but that alone is worth exploring in a Black & White 3.
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If they aren't related, how come Ghetsis and N resemble each other? Was there hair dye, or is it possible Ghetsis is related to N? Given Ghetsis's hair has started to gray by BW2, he might be N's grandfather or uncle instead of his father. Since N is an orphan, this might be the source of why he's so cold-hearted. Also, he was injured by a Pokemon previously, which is why he doesn't show his right arm often and seems to be wearing an eyepatch. I wonder how he injured himself, and whether that has something to do with his unpleasant personality. By BW2 he's in worse condition, as his battle sprite shows him having trouble breathing and using the device to control Kyurem like a cane.