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favorite pokemon game

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i heart manga!!!
yes, this includes GBA games. my fav's pokemon ranger 2.
I find Pokémon Platinum the best, even if the game is not out yet, I have read more about it then any other game. Also, after playing all games until now, the ending were boring, only catching Pokémon I don't like or training with trainers I already dealth with, no rather get the things are in the game that will come end of this or next month.


Thanks SPPf. TTYL
Diamond and Pearl, offering new the oppertuinty to battle people over the internet, before D/P you could only battle or trade with people you knew...no longer...


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Diamond is great! I play it all the time. It's really the best.;492-s;


I'm clueless ♥
What do you mean This includes GBA games?

I absouloutly adore Diamond!
It's...It's too awesome,the best Pokemon game in my opinon!

Though,my opinion may change with Platinum.


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I have 3 Favorites
3) Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of Darkness
2) Pokemon Ranger 1
1) Emerald...


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Somebody didn't pay attention to stickied threads, tsk tsk. Everyone who posted also must have had a small slip of the mind, my my my. u_u

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