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Whats your Favorite Pokemon Game?

  • Red/Blue/Yellow

  • Gold/Silver/Crystal

  • Ruby/Saphire/Emerald

  • Fire Red/Leaf Green

  • Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

  • Heart Gold/Soul Silver

  • Black/White?Black 2/White 2

  • X/Y

  • Sun/Moon

  • Sword/Shield

Results are only viewable after voting.


Funky Kong Supremacy
My favorite game is Platnium. Even though I like everything from Gen 4 onward, I think GF peaked at Platinum. My only problem with the game isn’t even with the gameplay but with how poorly GF handled the speed of the games.

My ranking for all games:


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
I like Diamond the most for mini games and gameplay. Gold, Silver and Crystal are games I like as well, for the music, story and Pokemon.


Informed Casual
In terms of which gen is the most fun for me, it has to be gen 2. Johto’s my favorite region, the starters are my favorite along with so many of the other mons introduced, and Stadium 2 offers the best holistic experience for me out of any game in the series. The Stadium/Colosseum models are so much more full of life than the current ones, though admittedly they had a lot less Pokémon to account for.

That being said, I also would be remiss not to acknowledge that the battle system is so much better now than it was back then, particularly with the Physical/Special split and the addition of Fairy type. That’s why I’m actually really hoping for a Let’s Go Johto game to come out, since HGSS added the former but not the latter, and it’s hard to go back.


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
Mine would gotta be Black and White.The characters and Pokémon in that game are just so memorable to me.It was the one I remember playing the most.Platinum was fun too but I felt a better connection to Black and White.Pokemon Y was the game that introduced me to competitive battling which I remember one of my best Pokémon moments happened in that game (My Krookodile was in a double battle and took out a Aceus after its trainer said how my team was “weak”.Heart Gold was also very enjoyable to me with so much post game and things to do in the game plus it had great music.Truthfully there isn’t a Pokémon game I “dislike” so I kinda like all of them it just depends what I’m in the mood to play.


Probably HeartGold and SoulSilver, the latter especially since I liked the version exclusive Pokemon in that game. I thought that the walking Pokemon feature was great, and there was so much to do in the post-game. It's a shame that they were the last remakes that I genuinely enjoyed.


Dragon lover
I’m going to sound a bit like a genwunner but.....R/B/Y, the OG games.

In truth, I have a hard time ranking any gen as the best as I have had so many wonderful memories of my times throughout these games. Every game has its flaws but they all have their strong points too. However, if it wasn’t for the originals....I may have never gotten into this franchise and had all those memories. R/B/Y is the foundation, the first steps that led to what this franchise and the fandom around it has become. No, the originals are not objectively better then everything that came after. However, they will always hold a special place in my heart.


Well-Known Member
Gen 2 in general was a pretty good sequel. Outside of new Pokémon, we got:
  • 2 new types: Steel and Dark
  • New mecanics, such as breeding and day/night cycles.
  • The Gym Leaders were using all new types... except for Dark :p
  • 90% of Kanto was a post-game area.
  • The Kanto Gym Leaders were all present; Koga was there as an E4 member, so he wasn't gone ;)
  • Crystal added a storyline with Suicune and Eusine; BTW his appearance in the anime was surprising, and his face gets pulled by Morty's Gengar during a speech XD
  • There were daily and weekly activities
The Stadium games were also good, with multiple tournaments and minigames. What would be great is if Nintendo and GameFreaks patch a tournament in Sword & Shield that offers weekly tournaments, or tournaments that last 1 week, with rotating opponents and rewards.


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
Black Version due to me finding my first shiny in that game and that technically being my first Pokémon game (I had collected the cards and watched the anime for years before this) I really liked how they introduced lots of new Pokémon and force you to use them.Also had one of the best story’s we’ve seen in any Pokémon game.


-The one who FINALLY got some vacation-
Platinum for the sole reason that Sinnoh is the best region besides Hoenn when it comes to exploration. Latter had some flaws (post-game, pacing). Sinnoh on the other hand took Hoenn's highs and made the other things as great.

HG/SS is also a damn good remake of Gold and Silver which I loved. Gen 4 in generell was just near flawless.


Well-Known Member
HeartGold and SoulSilver for sure.
I love most of the mainseries games, but something about those two just feels cozy and warm. Its not even the nostalgia factor because I started with red/blue way back in the day.. HGSS just always make me happy :)


Paladin of the Snow Queen
Gold. Was my first game. Played it for hours on end. Loved every second of it. Never did find a second Dunsparce though. I found one in Dark Cave, used my Master Ball, then decided I needed to save the Master Ball for Ho-oH, reset the game and never saw another Dunsparce.