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favorite pokemon girl

favorite pokemon girl.

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i heart manga!!!
ok, so, ash, brock, and a girl have been traveling arouind the world. for each region, theres a new pokemon girl. (well, misty was in 2 regions, but whatever.) so i just want to know, whos ur favorite pokemon girl. mines dawn.


Pokemon SwordMaster
My favorite is May, because she chose Torchic as her starter....and so did I!

Penguinist Trainer

Well-Known Member
My favorite is Misty because I favor Water/Ice type pokemon and although May and Dawn have some of my favorite pokemon, I'm not too fond of the contests. Also, I was a big of Psyduck back in the day.


Vintage much?
Daisy, Oh come on
She deserve heaps of screentime

K Train

Active Member
Misty just rocked I find it too weird without her


Yeah I'd definately have to vote for misty. She is the only girl out of the three who is actually a pokemon trainer (ex-gym leader...how cool is that?) and she was a pretty good one at that. She's probably the most useful out of the three and she wasnt one of those "oh my god my hair, it's ruined!" kind of girls (eg; Dawn lol).