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Favorite Pokemon Youtubers?

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Do you guys have any? I like Marriland.


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When chuggaaconroy does his, those r good. Um, jwittz, munchingorange, those r good too


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Same here. Mostly JWittz. Gotta love his lame puns! XD


What do I do now?
I love how JWittz will cut himself off when he's on a rant, like in his top 10/worst 10. It gets me rolling every time


Chuggaconroy whenever he actually does one, an Lueroi


Seeker of Knowledge
I like Marriland, chuggaconroy when he does them, and Slowflake.


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When PurpleRodri does his LPs of Pokémon I like those. And also J-Wittz and TamashiiHikora.


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JWittz is the best. I also really enjoy the KillerNacho and Tamashii Hiroka. The KillerNacho is what got me into recording battle. However, I don't have any kind of screen recorder, so the quality isn't that great, and my commentary is mediocre at best.


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Dookieshed is absolutely hilarious, Jwittz is really informative as well as Tamashii Hiroka. For playthroughs/walkthroughs I like Marriland, Superskarmory, and Zephyrsonic. For wifi battles I just watch random people.
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Chuggaconroy whenever he actually does one, an Lueroi

Ah, I love Chugga and Lueroi.
I also like a few of the shiny hunters out there.
Oh, gotta love Smosh's Pokemon episodes. XD
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JWittz, MunchingOrange and TamashiiHiroka mainly. I've lately been getting into PokeCinema and Sephazon as well.


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Really enjoy Marrilands LP's and I used to watch MunchingOrange a lot, both have a great personality in their videos. Shofu can have good videos and I've recently been watching some of Giancarloparimango11 videos, his Pokémon X & Y speculation videos are interesting.


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JWittz, Marriland, chuggaconroy, Lueroi. Those youtubers are my subscriptions when it comes to Pokémon.

GCPM11 used to be one of my favourites but for some reason it dissipated.
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