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Favorite Pokemon Youtubers?

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I must admit I enjoy watching Haydunn and Shofu now and then. I'd like to get into Cybertron as I'm mainly a VGC Battler though.

I love Natewantstobattle's musical parodies. XD Those are great.


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The Dex is undoubtedly my favorite Pokémon channel. Kellz and Alex are pretty great.

I ask like JWittz, Dookieshed, NateWantsToBattle, and Nintendofanftw.


Here are my favorite, sorted into categories:

General Poke-tubers:
Marriland - Fun story, I met him in Philidelphia at a Regionals in... 2010? Anyways, he was refereeing, I asked him to sign something and he gave me his business card and signed it. Now he plays with some of my favorite minecrafters on minecraft!
TheJwittz - I just like his videos, they're fun to watch and provide facts and such.
TryanitarTube - I mainly like to watch his videos for the mega speculations (he'll have like a 'Top 5 Sinnoh Pokemon That Deserve a Mega Evolution' and it's quite good quality) I don't really need to watch him for the Coro Coro news and such, because I can get that from here.
Giancarloparimango11 - I just like watching his playthroughs especially the randomized Ruby letsplay he did. Hilarious.

Competitive Videos:
Shofu - He's just really good and does great commentary
CybertronProductions - Again just really good and gives good tips and such
I am going to take a leaf out of what is probably my favorite poketubers book and do a quick five for my favorite poketubers!

Number 5. TheCartoonGamers8000. He does not always do pokemon, but it is pretty fun to watch when he does!
Number 4. Jwittz. He has great content and he would probably be higher if this was a 10 list. I do love his content when he does pokemon!
Number 3. thejustinflynn. This guy is great! He regularly streams pokemon (I do believe it is X and Y) and is pretty humorous at times.
Number 2. TheNationalDex (aka the dex). How has NO ONE mentioned the dex yet! They are rich in awesome pokemon content ranging from weekly pokemon trivia and battle strategies to pokemon battling in pokemon showdown! Seriously, check them out.
Number 1. cjszero01. If you haven't heard of him, check him out RIGHT NOW! He does not always do pokemon, but just about all his stuff I find interesting or hilarious! Seriously, he is amazing!


I like Tyranitaurtube's videos. His mega-evolution videos are interesting. Also like the designs and suggested stat boosts.

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Lueroi is definitely one of the best LPers out there. He's entertaining and able to do a walkthrough and casually talk about his team through it, and I find that the fact that he doesn't constantly spout facts about where items are and what wild Pokemon are available makes his videos much more enjoyable. Plus, he's quite good at the games, as proven by his victory over the Hoenn Elite Four with an incredibly underleveled team (Most of his Pokemon being in the late 30s/early 40s) and other such feats. While not the most well-known LPer, Lueroi is definitely a great one and I hope he comes back soon to do his X/Y walkthrough or whatever he's planning next.


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Munching Orange, Shofu, Jwittz, CraftBattleDuty (He does pixelmon and has an X series, so I count him as one), Haydunn, GCPM11, Rogersbase, and PyroPuncher

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My main favorites are Foxiffy, TheJFlynn, and HoodlumScrafty. I also like JWittz and TheKingNappy.


I enjoyed watching LegendsChallenge. It was 3 people competing and all on the same video so you had 3 people doing 3 different playthrough's. it was quite entertaining.


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My YouTube usage has lately decreased to just playing VEVOs on loops when I'm busy drawing, but if I do watch something, it's either anything Smosh, Paint, Jacksfilms, JWittz, and Swoozy. Pokemon related, it'll probably be SmoshGames (when they play Pokemon games), JWittz, and occasionally some people playing Nuzlockes (since I'm doing a Wedlocke myself). Even then, I'm very limited with things to watch.
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Usually TheJFlynn when he is live but Jwittz if I am cruising YouTube.


Marriland is the only one that I actively follow; he's highly entertaining and his playthroughs have a lot of character, and he just seems like a likable guy in general.

I used to watch PokéCinema, but after a while I fell out of it, largely because he just started playing more and more games that I had no interest in.

TamashiiHiroka's videos are very interesting and informative, so I watch those sometimes.


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Speaking of Pokemon Youtubers.... It seems dookieshed's pet rat Scooter has died. :(

Gamzee Makara

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DuncanKneeDeep(aka Derpanite), JWitz, TamashiiHiroka, Shofu, Chuggaaconroy, Jimmy(NintendoFanFTW), and ABrandonToThePast for me...
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