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Favorite PokeSpe gang?

Favorite gang

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Platinum fan.

That depends on how you are asking the question. If you mean which is my fave Dexholder, I love em all. But if you are asking which group I liked best as a group, then it goes to the Sinnoh gang. Ironic since I find the anime DP trio horribly lacking as a group, the Sinnoh Dexholders were made for each other and their personalities bounced off each other so well that I would rather read filler fluff of them goofing off, learning to bike ride and playing in the Great Marsh, then the actually Team Galactic plot. I love all the Dexholders, but the Sinnoh ones work so well together as a group. I can't wait to see them return someday in A DP remake chapter.


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The Sinnoh trio! :)
It's difficult for me to explain, but Diamond/Pearl/Platinum just work well as a group IMO. Plus, I like all three of them a lot.


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I like the Sinnoh trio the best. Diamond and Pearl are so funny especially with their Manzais, and I happen to like Platinum's character.


Ah, I wish this poll was multiple choice. ;^;

Anyway, I adore the Johto trio, so I voted for them. But! I also would of voted for the Unova duo and Sinnoh trio, if I could of.


I like the Johto trio the best. They play well off of each other. I like the Sinnoh trio, but I like them as a trio... That's why I'm not liking where I am in DPPt.


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I like Black and White the best. I like both of those characters and all the other groups have at least one person I dislike.


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Sinnoh Trio, obviously.
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