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Favorite Quotes


Can't remember who said this but it goes like this:

"If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail."


Lelouch Lamperouge
Can't remember who said this but it goes like this:

"If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail."

Benjamin Franklin just so you and anyone else who wonders will know


Share your favorite quotes here, whether they be funny, inspirational, philosophical, etc. Let's revive this nigga.

I'll kick things off with this gem from 2006:

facetious said:
Tried speaking to Serebii on IRC, gave him the opportunity to speak to me but (shock horror) he didn't respond. You're too cool to carry on a normal conversation on IRC, but feel the need to belittle me on your forum. Mature.
I remember that time I tried having a normal conversation with Joe and he blamed all his actions on Asperger's and anorexia. Pathetic.

e; 'his actions' is referring to all the ways Joe tried to slander me back then, like that time he reimplemented the reputation system just to give me -7,000,000 reputation points, lmao.

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How can anorexia be used as blame tool for anything but insufficient strength?


Banned from Club Penguin
This, is one of my favorites:

Yeah, I totally agree with you on that one. People living in America should definitely get a flight out to Japan just to get an event Pokemon, anyone that doesn't is cheap. Some people are even so cheap they won't drive all the way across the country to attend an event on the opposite coast. I've lost all of my faith in humanity.

Probably will post more later.


♫Be Fearless♫
This one reminded me of myself;

I enjoyed battling all the gym leaders this generation. Lenora was the hardest for me, her Herdier did massive damage with Take Down, and of course there's her Watchog with Retaliate and Hypnosis, as well as Confuse Ray. I won in the end though. My Pansear(Ritzel) swept Brycen with a combination of Work Up and Flamethrower. My Samurott also swept Drayden, the man whose mouth is covered at all times by his beard, with Swords Dance and Dragon Tail.


Self explanatory.
Oh jeez...
This is still my favorite quote ever, even though it isn't in my sig.
Carnivalmar said:
leern to spel I canot reed!
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Nothing to be done
High Ethan, 2011:

The venosomething in your signature is entrancing. I can't stop looking at it. It's cute. It's mainly the eyes. They look bubbly. And how the wings move. I thought he had three horns though. Why does he have only two? I can't tell whether he's going up or down or not. There's a little white thing on his face too, and I wonder whether that's a tooth. Do venosomethings have teeth though? I can't remember his name. His abdomen in the sprite is duo toned I think, maybe. I don't know. But its cool, because like I can't tell. Two sections I think. Three pink, no four, no three yeah, three pink stripes on his wing. It's bothering me that I can't see the stripes on his left wing. I don't like this sprite. Well not this, that sprite. The sprite in your signature. I'm trying to count how many times his wings are flapping, but I lost count. Also, is that a tail? Wait it looks kind of like a stinger. I don't think those have stingers though, or at least they aren't supposed to. And why is he purple anyway? It's more lavender. Is lavender the same thing as purple? Oh **** there's two of them. Why do you have two? Are they brothers? Why is one in the center, and the other to the right, bottom right I mean. I should have put a question mark. I'm sorry.

Wait where did the post go

I'm sorry.

To which Shuam responded:

Babs. People are falling down infinitely. There are zombies. The zombies are eating the flesh of the falling.

Currently looking for high Ethan's one-off use of the phrase "tough shit, niggs." Anyone know where that was?


Tsun in the streets
Top this.

Wanna know how JB got unbanned everyone? He told Joe it was because he was black.

That's literally what happened.

But yeah, the opinion of a terrible user that's not even supposed to be here is completely invalid and worthless. Go back to whatever inner city slum you live in playa.



Why has this awful quotes thread by some random nobody taken precedence over my own?

You never cease to amaze me at what you do, Profesco.


Brock Obama
This Hand of Mine is burning Red! Its loud Roar tells me to grasp Victory! Final Blow! Erupting......GOD FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEAT END!!!!!!!!!!!BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video Here


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Am I about to be whooshed or called out for thinking it was Yoda who said this?