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Favorite Region Starter set?

Favorite Region Starter set?

  • Kanto

    Votes: 15 25.0%
  • Johto

    Votes: 5 8.3%
  • Hoenn

    Votes: 20 33.3%
  • Sinnoh

    Votes: 16 26.7%
  • Unova

    Votes: 4 6.7%

  • Total voters


<-- Want a DWF
I have to go with Kanto, it is really the only region where I don't care what starter I get at all. Hoenn is a close second.


«Last Hope»
I'd say Sinnoh is my favorite overall, I like all the starters. My least favorites are Unova and Kanto in a tie, I just don't like any of the evolved forms of these starters ._.
Hoenn and Johto were both great too, choosing is so hard!


Well-Known Member
I like Sinnoh's starters the most, they were a breath of fresh air for me. Hoenn's are my second favorite. My least are probably Unova, although I don't mean much by least.


Mad dreamer
Hoenn is without a doubt my favourite, due to the fact it was the first region where a Fire/Fighting combo was unique. Not to mention that the designs were just pure awesome... I couldn't decide between Torchic, Mudkip or Treecko!


Well-Known Member
Johto is definitely my favorite. Right after that is Kanto, then Hoenn, then 6th generation, then Sinnoh, then Unova. That's my order.


Well-Known Member
Kanto -> Johto -> Hoenn -> Sinnoh -> Unova for me. You can't hate on Bulby, Squirts or Char can ya? X and Y will be third for me when it comes out though, maybe even second but doubt it.


I'm back :3
KANTO! A fighting ape and a penguin with a shield suck. Like Tortrerra ( ever erad the disc world series) But he's pretty useless
I have to go ahead and go with Kanto.


Well-Known Member
Hoenn by far, then Kanto, Sinnoh, Johto, and Unova. I only like the Snivy line and Dewott out of Unova's starters.


Future Gym Leader
Sinnoh's starters are my favorites in terms of design, variety, type combinations, and final evolution designs. Grotle, Prinplup, and Monferno were all lacking in my book but they turned out to be badasses. The only mid-evo designs I ever liked were Kanto's. Wartortle, Ivysaur, and Charmeleon are pretty cool. Never cared for Unova or Johto, starters or their evolutions. Hoenn was great only because of Mudkip and the Torchic line. Treecko is whatever. The XY set are my second favorite based purely on the basics. I'll rank them fully once they evolve.


...and so on...
Sinnoh's starters are definitely my favorites as a set, though none of the three rank terribly high as individual favorites. It's just that all three of them evolve into useful dual types and each of the three plays fairly differently but does whatever they do well, while the rest of the gens all have at least one starter that's sort of meh.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Definitely Sinnoh. All three of them are useful Pokemon with interesting type combinations (well, Infernape's is less interesting, but two Fire/Fighting starters isn't really that bad).