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Favorite RP Settings


Everyone has their preference of what they like for their imaginary characters to be on. Whether it is in a post-apocalyptic area, a tropical island, or in some odd world made of food, which ones appeal to you the most? Share here in this thread!

For me, in addition to my favorite Pokemon regions, I also like it when a commonly used setting is given a twist of things to make it unique such as a school. I've also been interested in settings taking place in strange, alternate universes of another (i.e. the Ultra Ruins being a destroyed Hau'Oli City).


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Horror. Just horror (something I think we need more of in terms of RPs). Even better if you can put pokemon in it in some shape or way. If I had to be specific then I'd say that I am quite fond of survival horror settings regardless of inspiration.

I also love Digimon RPs that are centred around Tamer/Partner characters too.

(Also speaking of the Ultra Ruins I would love an RP based around that universe in some way kthxbai).


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Totally agree with Samayouru that we need more horror based games. Or maybe even just mystery-horror. Both are really interesting to play out from my experience on other forums.

I think for the most part, I'm a sucker for the typical fantasy RP, the RPs that I've participated in the longest tend to git under that category in one way or another. I think what makes said setting so appealing is to see how a GM's ideas come to life in their world building. In regards to other settings, I guess I do tend to go for things set in the Pokemon verse. I don't mind RPs that follow beginner trainers, but I've definitely enjoyed the RPs that spin a unique twist on the universe more. I'd love to see more centered around what would happen if certain events in the game didn't play out i.e. Archie/Maxie succeed in their plans.

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I'm generally not into horror, so I can't contribute anything to that discussion. :p

As for my favorite settings, I don't really think I have one. I like fantasy, and Pokemon, and other things, but It really depends on the plot of the RP, and if I like the world the RP is set in.


Phantom Thief
Preferred: Steampunk, Spaceship, Fantasy World, Cosmic Horror, Modern Mythology (or any Science Fantasy really), Real World with a supernatural twist (bonus points for school setting).

Still Good: Real World with monsters (bonus points for small town setting), Mystery, Sci-Fi, Survival, Fandom-based.

Runner-Up: Superheros, Magical Girl, Cross-overs between two fandoms.
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Why not both?
I really like Fantasy and Sci-Fi in general, as well as Superhero ones. Real world (with or without twist) is also great. Steampunk and Cosmic Horror sound like the coolest thing ever, but I don't think I've ever been in an RP about that before, so I can't really say.


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Like Monmon..... I don't like horror and especially survival horror, because I'm scaredy-cat. I also don't normally go for really dark-themed RPG either.

I love pretty much like anything that let's me let out my creative juices. Fantasy worlds where you can create you're own unique and weird characters. I'm actually working on one like that though I'm not sure how I want to go about it yet... Pokémon trainer RP are fun but I quite like ones were you get to be the pokemon, mystery dungeon style.

Honestly I will pretty much play anything even horror ones if the story interest me. I'm a pretty story based rper. I do favor fantasy and alternate realities quite a lot though.


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Not sure if Horror or Horror Survival would be my thing. Thriller would probably be fine. Wilderness Survival would be probably up my alley, since several of my characters tend to be nature oriented. Otherwise, Sci-fi and fantasy are easy choices. I would consider any setting really, but it would depend more on the plot and that's where I tend to get picky.

Digimon. Definitely digimon.


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Horror, Lovecraftian, Mystery, Psychological, etc.

I'm a big sucker for fantasy roleplays, as well as MMORPG based. I love Pokemon roleplays, sometimes just a plain jane trainer RPG is great... but sometimes I like a little bit of fun and something unique. Also um, mystery dungeon roleplays??? These used to be so rampant? I miss them. I also love Persona roleplays, but those never seem to last around these parts.

I also love Digimon. We need more Digimon.


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I'm a big sucker for the fantasy genre. A group of misfits in a magical land, off towards a common goal. more or less every Lotr story ever made. I also very much like pokemon RP's. the kinds that puts your character as a legendary pokemon in a certain setting. Hydrangea is very good at making these RP's.

when it comes to pokemon though, im not too fond of the standard trainer RP. I remember a long time ago someone made a pokemon rp set in a world where the FBI or something were after a group of gifted youngsters. now that was a good setting imo.