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Favorite season

Favorite season

  • Winter

    Votes: 41 27.0%
  • Spring

    Votes: 31 20.4%
  • Summer

    Votes: 48 31.6%
  • Fall

    Votes: 32 21.1%

  • Total voters


I like both Summer and Winter best.

I like it in the Winter when it snows and rains and I like the dark mornings and evenings.

Summer is really nice when it's all hot and sunny too though.
Winter is my favourite season for the same reasons as that.
I prefer spring to summer though, I dont know why I just really like the air in spring .

The Mursu

<-- Epic coat!
Autumn. Nice and dark.


Too busy to be busy
I'm a Fall/Autumn person. Summer is too hot for my tastes, winter is too cold, and spring has my seasonal allergies. So Fall/Autumn is my favorite by default, but I do like the windy weather and change in leaf coloration.


Hoenn Trainer
Winter. Living in Florida, Summer days are usualyy in the High 90's (About 35 Celsius) Fall is still too hot, while winter is pretty awesome, temp wise. In spring, it heats up pretty fast. Down here, the leaves don't change color, so the main appeal of fall is gone. In conclusion, I like winter :)


Autumn. Not too hot, not too cold, lots of nice Autumn colours. And I prefer Winter/Autumn style clothes.
I live in Baton Rouge, everyday feels like a different season, one day it's 90 somethin degree's the next it's 40 degrees, the next 15 mph winds, etc. etc. so on and so forth.

cookies kill you

Like a boss
summers sick no school friends and for me i get to go to australia for 5 weeks but if not summer it would then be winter just for snowboarding of course


Hollen i ven.
Spring is my favourite back home in England.

But am up in Scotland at the moment and here, as Billy would say, there are only two seasons.

June and Winter. haha!


Definitely winter. I'm born in January and even though i live on a Caribbean island so it doesn't snow, I love the shorter days and the cold wind at night. Really relaxing gazing at the stars in the winter breeze.


Dragon Trainer
Summer cause nooooooooooooooo school


Autobot Headmaster
I prefer Winter. I get hot easily, so anytime it's cold I'm able to enjoy the weather (and myself for that matter) a lot more.


Metagross Master
Winter coz its so nice to sleep :D