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Favorite Sevii Island

Fave Sevii Island?

  • One Island

    Votes: 6 30.0%
  • Two Island

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Three Island

    Votes: 1 5.0%
  • Four Island

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Five Island

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • Six Island

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Seven Island

    Votes: 13 65.0%
  • Navel Rock

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Birth Island

    Votes: 1 5.0%

  • Total voters
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LeafGreen/FireRed introduced an archipelago of nine large islands called the Sevii Islands: Which ones did y'all like best? Please try and explain your thoughts thoroughly, not just "I like ____".

I personally loved Four Island due to its Day Care Center and because it had a connection with Lorelei. I also liked Five Island because it was near Resort Gorgeous, where I loved exploiting a couple of Lady trainers for cash. :p


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Seven Island is my favorite. I like it because it is one of the largest of the islands which means it has a lot to do. It has some really interesting places like the Sevault Canyon, the Tanoby Ruins and the Trainer Tower. I also like the music that plays on it, a wonderful remix/recreation of one of my favorite songs from G/S/C. The island also has many strong trainers and I found it to be excellent for training. On top of that, I loved exploring it since it felt very adventurous.

I like all of the Sevii Islands in some way, but Seven is my favorite as stated above. As for the others, I somehow have a very fond memory of One Island but I don't know exactly why or what it even is about. Then I like Five and Six Islands a lot since they are also large islands with many places of interest and they gave me a great sense of adventuring as I explored them just like Seven Island did.


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This thread really makes me wanna go back and play FireRed. Miss the Sevii Islands.

Seven Island was probably my favourite. Plenty to explore, in particular the Tanoby Ruins. Also liked Six Island, particularly the northern bit with all the little islands. Shame they never made use of Altering Cave


I liked the Sevault Canyon part of Seven Island to be frank since it was fun to explore, but the northern part of the island (Trainer Tower) was bland in my opinion. Also, despite having been to Navel Rock and Birth Island myself in LeafGreen, aside from catching Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Deoxys, I can't say that there was much to do there.


I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...
sevault canyon and seven island, by far! I loved battling the trainers around there.


Call of Fate
I liked the idea of Sevii Islands in general,they provided the post-game content that the Generation I games lacked.
Knot Island-I liked the Ember Spa and especially Mt.Ember,as Moltres was the first legendary I caught in FireRed,my first Pokemon game.
Boon Island-liked the shop(it is one of very few places where drinks can be purchased in bulk)and the Cape Brink,so serene.
Kin Island-it wasn't too memorable to me,so I'm not very fond of it.
Floe Island-it was too tiny,but Icefall Cave and Lorelei's collection were nice.
Chrono Island-liked Lost Cave and Water Labyrinth because of the man who gives you a Togepi Egg.
Fortune Island-my favorite of the bunch,I liked pretty much everything:the valley,the ruins,the forest,Outcast Island,but Altering Cave was a disappointment.
Quest Island-liked the Trainer Tower(although I wish it was more like Battle Tower in Hoenn)and the canyon,as well as Tanoby Ruins.
Navel Rock and Birth Island weren't very memorable,and I didn't like the fact they were event-exclusive.


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I like all of the (non-event) Sevii Islands, but Six and Seven are probably my favourites.

On Six, I liked exploring Ruin Valley in the southern part of the island. In the northern part, I liked the Pattern Bush area. I have always liked Outcast Island a lot, too, mostly because I find its name to be intriguing.

On Seven, I spent a lot of my play time in Sevault Canyon because it was one of my favourite training spots. The Tanoby Ruins were always very interesting to me. I found the names of all the chambers there to be quite memorable.


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Nine Island.

Seven Island. There's the most to do there compared to the other islands and I like the way it is shaped. It has cool geography and there's much more to explore than any other island, imo. It's far more superior than the other islands...looking at you, Four Island and your little cave and nothing more.

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Ha; no one likes Three Island because of how long that sidequest took.
Four Island's got the Day-Care Couple and a neat cave.
Five Island has the Rocket Warehouse, the Water Labyrinth with the Togepi egg, and the Lost Cave (which was probably my favorite part).
Six Island's got the Sapphire for trading with the other Gen III games, and some other crazy stuff to the north.
Seven Island's one of my favorite (mostly for Larvitar); it has the Tanoby Ruins, the Tanoby Key puzzle, the Trainer Tower, and Sevault Canyon.
One Island's another one of my favorites, mostly for the message written in Braille at Mt. Ember:

has meaning
has meaning
Being alive
has meaning
Have dreams
Use power.

It's even more lovely to think that people in Japan cared to go out of their way to program that in English.

One Island also has Treasure Beach (where I once found a Shiny Pidgey), Moltres, and the Ruby.

Two Island's my favorite for the Move Tutor.


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I'd have to say that Five Island also ranks high on my favourites list. I really like the Resort Gorgeous area there, mostly because I think the name sounds cool. It's also my #1 money grinding location in the game.


For me it's one island cuz I like the ember spa place and the atmosphere of the volcanic island.
Ember Spa on Kindle Road and Treasure Beach were the only spots on One Island that I cared about tbh. They were novelties at best though in my experience.


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Seven Island because down in the Sevault Canyon you could catch Phanpy and Larvitar. Two of my most favourite Gen 2 pokemon ever.

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The 4th one. The exploration is bit better on other Islands, but 4 Island being small is kind of charming to me. It felt like a little village.
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Seven Isle. It was one of my training grounds and had the best look out of the other islands.

Plus Larvitar was obtainable there.

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I liked Navel Rock because you could catch Ho-Oh and Lugia there (two of my favourite legendaries), but it is event-activated (obtaining the MysticTicket is required).


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The 4th one. The exploration is bit better on other Islands, but 4 Island being small is kind of charming to me. It felt like a little village.
I like Four Island's small size too. I didn't really like it at first because of the lack of exploration compared to other islands, but now it feels kind of nice and cozy to me.
Plus, I like how Lorelei was from Four Island.
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