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Favorite ships of the Pokemon series by conditions - Cool, Beauty, Cute, Clever and Tough

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by shoz999, May 27, 2019.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    Name and possibly discuss your favorite Pokemon ships by these conditions. Your favorite cool ship, favorite beautiful ship, favorite cute ship, favorite clever ship or favorite tough ship! What you percieve as cool, beautiful, cute, clever or tough is all up to you but I do hope you explain why you think they fit these conditions.

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    2. No bashing or flaming other members, characters, or shippings.
    3. Stay On Topic
    4. No inappropriate or inoffensive material.
    5. IMPORTANT - No one-liners, short responses that don't contribute much of the discussion at hand.
    6. IMPORTANT - No debates between ships. For example, no Shipping A vs. Shipping B arguments.

    I'll kick things off with my favorite ships.

    My favorite cool ship, Gracefulshipping! Wallace X Winona.

    Wallace X Winona is personally what I think is the coolest ship in the Pokemon series as this is one of the more maturely-developed and solid ships where Wallace and Winona used to be a romantic couple. What's cool about this is that they are both Gym Leaders who take great pride in their strengths and talents serving as Ruby and Sapphire's teachers in Pokemon battles and Pokemon contests. Unfortunately the two broke up because of the possibility of Winona feeling pressure of her abilities checked by someone's battling skills being stronger than hers ever since Wallace was offered the position of Hoenn Pokemon Champion. Although the two broke up, there is some hope for fans of this ship as the two are still hinted to still have feelings for each other, most notable when Sapphire teases Winona about Wallace at a wedding lol.

    My favorite beautiful ship, ChosenShipping! Blue x Silver

    This was hard to decide because what is a "beautiful" ship in the Pokemon series that's dominated by the topic of young but often short romances that are deemed "cute" or "adorable"? After thinking about it, I realized what a "beautiful" ship could be, a story between two people who have a long history together and the first option that came to mind was actually the DayCare Couple. Ken Sugimori's artwork of the DayCare Couple for the TCG shows the elderly two clearly having a lot of history together but then another ship hit me, AgencyShipping. Black & White's relationship reminds me so much of FMA's Edward & Winry's relationship. Then it finally hit me what my favorite beautiful ship would be and that's ChosenShipping. Whether you think they should be shipped or not, no one can deny that Blue and Silver's history of being through so much together is quite a tearjerker. They were both kidnapped by the Mask of Ice only to end up escaping together. The moment when they and their Pokemon smile upon seeing a ray of light nearby is a very tearful moment for fans. Blue and Silver later go on several journey's to stop the Mask of Ice or to search for their parents, growing up into their their teens and later as adults. Throughout their time interacting with each other, you can really see that the two really care for each other be it Silver getting in a fight with Gold over Blue or the calm and sassy Blue showing tears and concern for a Silver confronting the harsh reality that his father is Giovanni. Blue and Silver's relationship is certainly a beautiful relationship that really hits you in the feels.

    My favorite cute ship, Specialshipping! Red x Yellow

    For me personally, Red x Yellow is downright the most adorable ship of the Pokemon series as it reminds me of the My Hero Academia ship between Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka. The two are very supportive and cheerful of each other, they both get a cute but awkwardly shy reaction when the idea of romance is brought up and their own Pikachu's are canonically a couple. The first time they meet each other is just so heartwarming looking back at it, with Red saving Yellow from a wild Pokemon after she got lost in the forest, showing her that Pokemon are these amazing but gentle creatures and helping her capture her very first Pokemon.

    My favorite clever ship! Lysandre x Malva

    With the exception of the anime, Lysandre's relationship with Malva is quite interesting throughout the Pokemon series. In the games when you defeat Malva, you can sense bitter hatred towards you for defeating Lysandre. This is later further expanded upon in the manga where Malva is Lysandre's most trusted member of Team Flare as seen as how she's tasked to do some of the most dangerous but most vital missions such as dealing with Kalos's Legendary Pokemon. Lysandre has great faith in Malva's abilities and with that, Malva is very loyal and deeply caring of Lysandre to the very end, even if it means risking her own life. As for romance, not a lot of people are sure but I'd guess their relationship is a platonic and professional relationship, at least on Malva's end who strongly cares for Lysandre more than any member of Team Flare. On Lysandre's end, he probably just sees her as another friend or ally. Regardless, this ship that draws heavily from the manga is easily one of the most complex and cleverly designed relationships I've seen from the series.

    My favorite tough ship, Franticshipping! Ruby x Sapphire

    This is not just simply a great ship but this is easily by far the greatest romance in the Pokemon series that this ship could easily ace in all five conditions of cool, cute, beauty, cleverness & toughness. Many of the obstacles that Ruby & Sapphire have been through together are actually quite terrifyingly dark from both a personal and worldly scale and their resolve to become better people after their experiences for each other is quite a interesting but complex journey where their pasts constantly chases them as if there is no escape from it. Considering what they've been through and seen, they are easily the toughest ship in my opinion.
  2. Dream Lad

    Dream Lad Banned

    Tough: Charizard x Charla.

    First impressions, Charla tosses him out the door. Charizard had to make gains, chisel those wings, get that swole tail, perfect that belly drum. Then he had to fight through every bloody Charizard in that Valley to get the chance to mate with that sweet ribboned lass.

    Smart: Kukui x Burnet.

    Two PhDs with sublime chemistry and equality? Yup.

    Cool: Ash x Misty.

    By far the funniest interactions with Ash. Friends --> Romantic teases galore in Orange Islands and M2. If a girl ever dives into an ocean during a tropical storm to save you, that's a keeper.

    Cute: Ash x Serena.

    Plays off the childhood friend trope. The countless ways Serena blushed over Ash for three years. She rubbed his feet. She threw a snowball at him. And she kissed him.

    Beauty: Ash x Dawn.

    Dawn was the costar of Diamond & Pearl. The perfect balance of support, banter, bickering, friendship, etc. Amounted to a beautiful platonic friendship, but should have been the ship.
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