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Favorite Sinnoh Location

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Mega Altaria, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    Which place(s) in Sinnoh do you like the most? Please explain your choice(s) with a little detail.
  2. Cat's Eye Draco

    Cat's Eye Draco Well-Known Member

    Snowpoint, mostly for the snow and the isolated atmosphere, but also because the music makes it feel very peaceful. (A little melancholy, too, but mostly peaceful.) I also like Sunyshore for its walkways and lighthouse and Eterna Forest for its spooky feeling and the Old Chateau.
  3. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I'd say Returning (Turnback) Cave was my favorite spot in Shinou since it was fun racing past the pillars searching for Giratina's room although if I'm being honest, Shinou is among my least favorite regions, geographically speaking at least.
  4. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    I liked Sunyshore City because of the solar panel pathways constructed throughout the city. I thought that it must be a cool idea to have all of the pathways made up of solar panels.
  5. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    Mt. Coronet, for its enormous size, the fact it splits Sinnoh in two parts, its role in the storyline and its atmospheric music on the upper floors. I also like Victory Road (although its music theme is just awful) and Sendoff Spring for its creepy atmosphere and the fact it appears randomly.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  6. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    My issue with Mt. Tengan is that for its size, there's little to do there. Climbing it is difficult as well, almost as tedious as Mt. Shirogane in Jouto.
    Jerimiyah likes this.
  7. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    My favourite area would be Canalave City. I really like the atmosphere created by the city's appearance and music - it just seems so soothing to me.

    I also really like the Valor Lakefront. The resort part looks beautiful and the music always makes me very nostalgic.
  8. Ignition

    Ignition No one cared who I was, until I took off the mask

    I love Sunnyshore. The solar panels and the alleviated buildings give it an advanced utopia feel
  9. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I just wish the city had actually looked advanced and cybernetic instead of looking so roughly designed around some cliffs.
  10. Boss1991

    Boss1991 Hardcore Pokéfan

    Probably Jubilife City and Sandgem Town.
  11. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    The forest itself was wonderful in terms of its music, although I didn't like its upgraded Platinum graphics. It made the place seem too gloomy.
  12. SubtleVVeirdoh

    SubtleVVeirdoh Unova Enthusiast

    Snowpoint and the preceding routes are among my favorite. I love the snow, how it turns to blizzard along the way to Snowpoint; and the crunch. Sometimes I’d run around, just for that. Diamond Dust was a nice touch too.

    Fuego Ironworks is cool as well, especially its usefulness pertaining to Star Pieces. Iron Island also gets an honorable mention.
    Leonhart and Cat's Eye Draco like this.
  13. GarchompTheAssassin

    GarchompTheAssassin Water starter fan

    Snowpoint City
    Mt Coronet's higher areas
    Pokemon Mansion
    Eterna Forest

    I liked all of the above because they set a strong atmosphere in different ways (I think DPPt did this the best out of all the games)

    I really loved Jubilife, Hearthome and Sunnyshore in particular out of the towns/cities for pretty much the same reason + the music
    (Think there are way more areas I could list actually)
    Jerimiyah likes this.
  14. Leonhart

    Leonhart The Lying King

    I found it highly frustrating due to those spinning movement tiles however, which I disliked in past games as well. But the music inside was calming.
  15. Yureishi

    Yureishi Well-Known Member

    I have to say Snowpoint City and the routes around it. Those plainly white, snowy and sometimes strenuous to walk through paths give the locations an uncommon unicity.
    SubtleVVeirdoh likes this.
  16. ReneEnjolras

    ReneEnjolras Resistance Leader

    My ultimate favorite area is Mt. Coronet. It's atmosphere and music on the top is perfect for me. I also like Eterna Forest. For cities/towns: Floaroma Town, Solaceon Town, Valor Lake Front, Canalave City, Twinleaf Town and Hearthome City.
    Redstar45 likes this.
  17. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    My favorite area in Sinnoh is the underground.

    I don't like Sinnoh so this is an easy one.
  18. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    Weird how a region that seems so empty has so much lore. One place that stood out to me was Flower Paradise. There's nothing really special about it in-game, the flowers look eh and it looks pretty empty and small. What I do like is the official artwork featuring that place and the long route to it was compelling. However I'd have to say my favorite would have to be the snowy route. It was fun to go through their once straight-forward to the city but when it comes to exploring and back-tracking, then the snowy routes start getting annoying.

  19. Redstar45

    Redstar45 The anime canon cop !

    Yeah it is same thing can be said for me as well.

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