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Favorite Sinnoh Starter

Favorite Sinnoh Starter

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Perky Goth
Turtwig for the win!


Allez Les Bleus!
Turtwig to Torterra, rare Grass-Ground Type...


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Before I got the game I decided Turtwig. When I actually chose, I picked Piplip after looking at its movepool closer. However, I got to Sandgem town, restarted and picked Turtwig. Having Piplip just didn't feel right. I glad I made the change, because I loved using both Torterras I've used (D & Pt).

Plus I wanted to wood hammer some dudes.

Umbreon's Girl

I loved my little girl Turtwig through my first Sinnoh run (Diamond). ;388; So team Turtwig got my vote.

But I also like the Chimchar line. I got a female one in my Pearl Nuzlocke and I would probably be the most upset if I lose her. She's such a fighter even now that she's grown into on Infernape. I need to finish up my Pearl Nuzlocke one of these days.
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Pipluuuuup. I like Penguins, and I'm not a fan of Infernape or Turtwig's final typing. Also Empoleon is a emperer and a knight. How cool is that? :)

However, in my Platinum Nuzlocke, likely my only Sinnoh Nuzlocke too (I'm not sure if I'll restart it. I'm considering it) I did not have any of the Sinnoh starters.....it's a long story.
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pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
Piplup to empoleon because Piplup is adorable and Empoleon is epic! Also, penguins are my favourite animal!


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The only one that I didn't like in this generation was Chimchar. So it's a toss up between Turtwig and Piplup. But since I'll be using Turtwig in my next Plat re-run I voted for him.


Pokemon Researcher
I like Piplup because its a Penguin.
My favourite animal.

Not only that but a Water and Steel Pokemon is a good type combination.
A rare one also


Who dun dug diglett?
Turtwig, but on Pt I used Chimchar. I don't know why I just felt I shouldn't use my favorite.


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I chose Chimchar on my Diamond but i think Turtwig is the best.